5 Reasons to Pitch Your Boss to Pay for C & C Dallas


There are only 50 tickets left for C & C Dallas, which means it's time to act. But if you didn't get that end of year bonus you were expecting, maybe it's time to pitch your boss. Some companies have established budgets for job-specific and career advancement training. Some don't. Either way, here are our 5 top reasons to get your capital B Boss to shell out the dough for Dallas. 


1. The connections and relationships you have access to at C & C are unparalleled. Where else can you interact with #squadgoals and #bossgoals on such an intimate level? Sure, it's easy to ignore an email. A follow-up email. Even a voicemail. But if you take advantage of the golden opportunities in Dallas, whether through our mentor sessions, it could open a myriad of doors-- not only for you, but for your company as well.


2. Big relationships and partnerships matter, but so does having your finger of the pulse. This is something that Create & Cultivate and its team members excel at. Sure, the keynote speakers Hilary Kerr and Katherine Power have seen huge success with Who What Wear and Clique Media, but there are smaller, lesser known (though on the path to blowing up) women who your boss might not even be aware of yet. The conference can introduce you to such a wide array of valuable partnerships. Round up a list of all potential female entrepreneurs changing the game, research their stats and why you think it would be good to get on their radar now, and sell your boss. 


3. Sure there is fun to be had-- goodie bags, cupcakes and cocktail hour, but C & C gets down to brass tacks. The panel discussions, from finding a fresh angle in a crowded marketplace to monetization advice, gives attendees direct takeaways. You're learning from the best in the biz. They're there to pass on how they did it, while also encouraging you to forge ahead. 


4. The work environment has changed, and working from a mobile office is one tenant of the new working world. However, beyond working on-the-go it's important to get out of the office and put your skills to good use. As they say, if you don't use it, you lose it. If you spent most of 2015 behind a computer or in an office, explain the benefits of hands-on experience. Whether you want to use C & C to work on interpersonal skills-- like sticking out a hand and introducing yourself to a stranger-- or as the first place to make your mark in the business world, there is nothing like practical application. 


5. In the same way that a wellness retreat works to revitalize your body, a conference like Create & Cultivate works to boost your brain power, which in turn gives you a confidence boost like none other. When you leave Dallas you'll feel energized and ready to dive back into your job with more fervor than ever. Which isn't to say you don't give it your all now, but there is something about the energy generated at C & C that gives attendees the focus and confidence to really assess and hone their strengths. 


And remember when you're presenting this to your boss, it's crucial to nail down specifics that are relevant to your job. Find the speaker, panelist, or mentor that is most beneficial to you, your current position, and your company as a whole. Elaborate on how building a relationship with this person will be of merit to all three. Give your boss deliverables. If you tell her you're going to have a conversation with Sophia Rossi of HelloGiggles, make sure you're breaking down why this is relevant. Bosses are interested in ROI