Meet the Speaker: Sophia Macks of Beyond The Mag

Founder and CEO of Beyond The Mag Sophia Macks has defined a brand for herself through creation, curation, and collaboration. With all the proper ingredients for a brand that thrives off of culture and fashion, Beyond The Mag has established itself as one of the most visually stunning platforms to date. It's her amazing vision that has racked in amazing collabs with Coach, Chanel, Barneys New York, and Harper's Bazaar (just to name a few.)

With all the focus on Beyond The Mag, we wanted to have a little fun and get to know Sophia a little more before we see her in January at Create & Cultivate Dallas. Get inside Sophia's head and make sure to catch her on Brand Vibes: How to create a brand that lives beyond the blog bubble at Create Cultivate Dallas! 

Your first job: 

Marketing Coordinator at WeWork 

Your first girl crush: 

The Olsen Twins. Duh.

Favorite form of exercise: 

Horseback riding

Which Disney character are you: 

There's been a precise evolution: 3 year old Sophie was Wendy from Peter Pan, 7 year old Sophie was Nala from Lion King, this was followed by a large, Disney-free time gap, and now I'm the flying carpet from Aladdin. 

In high school, you were voted “Most likely to..."

"create my own world & live in it.” They weren't wrong.....

Last thing you do at night before you go to bed: 

Watch a documentary 

Thing you can’t resist buying in the checkout line: 

Ugh, that Wintergreen Trident gets me every time!

Your local coffee spot: 

Starbucks on 43rd and 3rd. So basic! :/

Go-to cocktail: 

Old Fashioned

Favorite time of year: 

October 15th through end of Thanksgiving weekend.

Best gift you’ve ever received: 

Puppies. Olivia (Portuguese Water Dog) in 2002 and Daisy (Cockapoo) in 2014.

Next thing on your to-do list: 

"Dive the Titanic" and "write thank you note" are side by side with 50/50 chances of actually happening first. Stay tuned.

Proudest moment: 

When I made Beyond The Mag into a profitable business. 

Favorite quote: 

"Your word is your master."

"Your word is your master."

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Your wallet: Totally organized, or packed with ATM receipts?

Contrary to popular belief, it's totally organized. 

Chocolate or Vanilla? 

Chocolate. Though I don't mind a good swirl of 20% vanilla, 80% chocolate.

Saturday morning or Sunday night? 

Sunday night, oddly. 

Dinnertime responsibilities: Cooking or doing the dishes? 

Neither! I set the table with clashing prints.

Karaoke: In the crowd or on the stage? If on the stage, what song?

On stage - anything from the RENT soundtrack or "Can't Fight The Moonlight" by Leann Rimes

Shopping: In store or online?

Both, but I'm famous for my online hunting skills amongst friends.

In flight: work, nap or movie?

A "Napvie" - the act of napping while simultaneously watching a movie. 

At parties: On the dancefloor, deep in conversation, by the snacks?

Eating snacks on the dancefloor whilst engaging in deep conversation. That conversation ends immediately when I run out of snacks.