Meet the Speaker: Stephanie Mark of The Coveteur

                                                                                                                                                                                          Stephanie Mark of The Coveteur


                                                                                                                             Stephanie Mark of The Coveteur

Securing a feature on The Coveteur has become a symbol of "you've made it" amongst the fashion set. Created in 2011, the site began as a fun side project-- where two childhood friends had the idea of diving into the closets of the most stylish street style stars and tastemakers.  The idea blew up. Big time. The site is now a prospering digital hub for fashion, profiling huge celebrities, offering shop-able closets, and has officially claimed its spot as a household name. In short: the coveteurs have become the coveted. 

We sat down with co-founder and marketing director, Stephanie Mark, to find out what makes the girl boss tick. Spoiler: when she says her favorite quote is, "Do whatever you want," we know she means it. (Get even more insight at Create & Cultivate Dallas when she speaks on our "Finding your Angle" panel!)

Your first job: I filed papers at a doctor’s office.

Your first girl crush: Ginger Spice

Favorite form of exercise: Boxing

In high school, you were voted “Most likely to... have a career in fashion.

Last thing you do at night before you go to bed: NETFLIX

Thing you can’t resist buying in the checkout line: Anything travel size from the checkout at Sephora. Everywhere else: a bottle of water and a magazine.

Your local coffee spot: I love the green tea at the Soho House in Toronto.

Go-to cocktail: Tequila Soda with a lime- it is basically the unofficial drink of The Coveteur.

Favorite time of year: Summer and fall.

Best gift you’ve ever received: My first nephew was just born- so that is by far the best gift I have ever received. In terms of fashion- my parents got me a Hermès watch when I graduated from Parsons.

Next thing on your to-do list: MOVE! I am moving to New York and I need to start setting up my place there.

Proudest moment: Starting The Coveteur.

Favorite quote: Do whatever you want.


"Do Whatever You Want!"

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Your wallet: Totally organized, or packed with ATM receipts?

PACKED. And my purse. I call them both mobile garbage cans.

Saturday morning or Sunday night?


Karaoke: In the crowd or on the stage? If on the stage, what song?

Stage. Anything (and I mean ANYTHING) from the '90s.

Shopping: In store or online?

In store.

In flight: work, nap, or movie?

Nap or watching endless amounts of TV shows.

At parties: On the dance floor, deep in conversation, by the snacks?

Dancing…with snacks.


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