Meet the Speaker: Jenna and Lisa of Lunchpails & Lipstick

We're not ones to pat ourselves on the back, but sometimes we can't help it—and this is one of those! Our lineup for #CreateCultivateDALLAS is already killer and is only going to get better. To get you all worked up and as excited as we are, we're going to start introducing some of the awesome women who'll be there. First up: Lunchpails & Lipstick founders Jenna Crandall and Lisa Allen, who'll be speaking on our panel $$$: Monetizing across different channels and strategically growing your following. Get to know them here, and see them IRL in January!

Your first job:

Lisa: Abercrombie and Fitch

Jenna: Really? I'm so embarrassed to say, but for two months in the summer I worked the drive-thru at Boston Market when I was 15 . I wanted a job sooooo bad, and my mom finally agreed. All my friends from school drove-thru all day long. Let's just say I increased sales for those two months.

Your first girl crush:

Lisa: I wanted to be Blair from Facts of Life. She wore nude pumps and I thought it was just so cool.

Jenna:  I never had a girl crush until I started Soul Cycle last year. I've been pushed and inspired which I think is a pretty amazing quality. Not to mention my instructor's eight-pack of abs. I love her!

Favorite form of exercise:

Lisa: Orange Theory. A mix of cardio and weights.

Jenna:  Soul Cycle. Pilates with the reformer. Walks with my family.

In high school, you were voted “Most likely to ________________.”

Lisa: Haha, I lost 'Best Dressed' by four votes my senior year and I’ve always wondered what happened to the girl who beat me...

Jenna:  My cheer squad said Jenna is .... "the biggest health nut and most likely to own a gym."

Last thing you do at night before you go to bed:

Lisa: Kiss my husband.

Jenna:  Pray for my kids

Thing you can’t resist buying in the checkout line:

Lisa: A Red Bull

Jenna:  Cherry Chapstick and Mentos gum

Your local coffee spot:

Lisa: n/a

Jenna:  I don't drink coffee but I drink the Strawberry Acai refresher from Starbucks almost every day.

Go-to cocktail:

Lisa: n/a

Jenna: I get a virgin coconut mojito at a local Mexican restaurant that I can't resist.

Favorite time of year:

Lisa: Spring. Everything is in bloom. The days are warm and the nights are cool. It’s my favorite.

Jenna:  Spring

Best gift you’ve ever received:

Lisa: Ever? Last year Jeff made me a table and benches out of 200 year old wood from an abandoned ship. He’s really talented.

Jenna:  On my 35th birthday (last year) my husband arranged a hotel for four nights with my best girlfriends in NYC and arranged activities for the entire trip. He sent me the biggest bouquet of flowers I had ever received. I felt so much love that week. It made me cry with how much he loves me.

Next thing on your to-do list:

Lisa: Today? Get my oldest ready to leave for Science Camp.

Jenna: Order Halloween costumes!

Proudest moment:

Lisa: First thing that comes to mind is my wedding day this past September. Surrounded by family, my three daughters and my husband in a place I took a big risk on moving to. Seeing all my blessings together in one spot made me very proud.

Jenna : Becoming a mother. I've never felt more proud of a decision I've made, or felt more proud of my body.

Favorite quote:

Lisa: What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.—Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have two: "Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others"—Booker T. Washington, and "Good timber does not grow with ease. The stronger the wind the stronger the trees"—Thomas S. Monson

This or that:

Your wallet: Totally organized, or packed with ATM receipts?

Lisa: Totally organized, I’m OCD about clutter. It makes me crazy.

Jenna:  Ha! Packed with receipts. Oops!! I can't throw things away. I have issues with keeping everything.

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Lisa: Both. Side by side.

Jenna:  Chocolate anything.

Saturday morning or Sunday night?

Lisa: Saturday morning. I love sleeping in after a week of getting kids up and off to school.

Jenna:  Saturday mornings are my favorite. Sleeping in never felt so good. My husband gets up and makes breakfast. It's the best day!

Dinnertime responsibilities: Cooking or doing the dishes?

Lisa: Cooking, I LOVE to cook.

Jenna:  Neither. I like to bake and eat out. :)

Karaoke: In the crowd or on the stage? If on the stage, what song?

Lisa: Crowd. I have a fear of being in front of people with all eyes on me.

Jenna:  On stage. Anything Madonna or Salt and Pepa

Shopping: In store or online?

Lisa: Both. I prefer in-store but sometimes the best deals are online!

Jenna: In store if I have a friend with me. Online if I'm alone.

In flight: work, nap or movie?

Lisa: Work. Always working. I take breaks to people watch. I love to observe others.

Jenna:  Work & a movie

At parties: On the dance floor, deep in conversation, by the snacks?

Lisa: A healthy mix of all three. I like to make my rounds.

Jenna:  On the dance floor laughing my head off.

Kate Williams

Writer + editorial director in Los Angeles. Reading books + watching palm trees.