Sleeping in With Ariel Kaye of Parachute Home

Parachute Home is a direct-to-consumer home essentials brand based in Venice Beach, CA, helmed by Founder and CEO Ariel Kaye. Prior to launching Parachute, Ariel spent ten years working in brand development and advertising in New York City, but after an amazing night's rest in luxurious sheets at a hotel in Italy, she was on the hunt for the same experience at home. When she couldn't find it, she took matters into her own hands: "If you can't find it, create it." 

Create it, she did. 

We caught up with the bedding maven to find out what she's thinking about at 4am and if it's possible to relax when you're in the business of bedding.

Your favorite bedtime drink?

I love to wind down with chamomile tea. It is almost instantly relaxing, and there’s good reason for that, too. It’s rich in calcium, magnesium and other trace minerals that naturally relax muscles and nerves.

Do you sleep with the windows open or closed?

I try to bring the outdoors inside as much as possible with big, open windows…I love being cozy under warm blankets and feeling a fresh breeze. 

Snuggled under the covers or throw them off?

I’m one of those people who is half in and half out. I always end up with one leg above the covers. 

Early to bed or early to rise?

I’m in flux, honestly. I definitely prefer life as a morning person and try and get to bed by 10:30pm on the weekdays. I especially love waking up early on the weekends. There’s nothing better than getting in a long workout and a delicious breakfast all before 10am. l do still find myself burning the midnight oil on occasion –there’s something about the wee hours of the night when when you feel like you’re the only one awake and there are zero distractions. I can be super productive then.

The last time you slept in? What did it feel like?

I love sleeping in on vacation. My boyfriend and I went to the Ojai Rancho Inn a few weeks ago, and we turned off our phones and woke up at 11am. It felt like heaven.

What’s on your nightstand right now?

My days are so frenetic, I keep my room clear of clutter to keep calm. I only stock my nightstand with my essentials: a himalayan salt lamp, a tall glass of water, book and my iPhone.

How many pillows is too many pillows?

There can never be too many pillows. I have four right now, plus two decorative ones on top. 

"There can never be too many pillows."

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What’s the color scheme in your bedroom? What does it reveal about you?

I’m all about neutrals. My bed currently has our Ash Percale Bedding, and it’s accented with our newly launched Essential Quilt and Shams in Graphite. I accent with a few plants to bring some color and greenery into the space.

It’s 4 a.m. and you’re wide-awake. What are you thinking about? 

Work. Always work.

Guiltiest TV pleasure to watch in bed?

I don’t watch much “guilty pleasure” programming. Right now I’m obsessed with “Fargo” and “The Affair.” 

A bad bedtime habit you can’t quit?

My biggest tip for the perfect night’s sleep, which I have a very hard time following through with, is disconnecting from your phone. Get rid of the blue lights and put your phone outside your bedroom. Don't look at your computer in your bed. I don't do a great job at it – the first thing I pick up in the morning is my phone – but there are times when I try to be diligent, and it's amazing how it affects the quality of my sleep.

Something most people don’t know about you?

I’m a trained opera singer. You’d probably only know this if we’ve been out to karaoke together and I’ve had a drink or two!

Don’t lose sleep over:

The small stuff. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the little things, but don’t lose sight of the big picture.

"Don’t lose sleep over: The small stuff." 

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Why are luxury sheets so important to you? How do they make your life better?

You spend ⅓ of  your life in bed, so your sleep experience matters. A good night sleep impacts every aspect of your life - your health, happiness, productivity. We spend time counting our steps, obsessing over the ingredients in our food and making sure that we are taking care of our bodies. It’s important to take that same type of consideration with the way recharge each night. 

Sheets come in direct contact with your skin, so it’s extremely important that they feel good and that they are free from harmful substances. I sleep better at night knowing Parachute sheets are made of the finest, long staple Egyptian cotton and that they are Oeko-Tex and REACH protocol certified, which means no toxic chemicals or artificial dyes. 

Your dream sleepover?

Does a sleepover with my best girlfriend count? Talking until the sun comes up and laughing until it hurts...there’s nothing better!