8 Reasons You Need a Create & Cultivate Dallas Ticket for Christmas

You may not believe in Santa anymore, but that doesn't mean you can't write a Christmas list. Especially when tickets to Create & Cultivate Dallas are going faster than biscuits and gravy at a potluck (hello, we're gonna be in Texas, y'all).

With keynote speakers Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power, co-founders of Clique Media Group and Emily Schuman of Cupcakes & Cashmere, and new powerhouse ladies being added every week, this is one conference that delivers.

If you haven't quite figured out how to get there, here are our 8 reasons a ticket should at the top of your holiday list .

1. The Networking.

If you know 2016 is going to be your year, don't miss out on the networking opportunities at the conference. You could meet your next business partner, BFF, an investor, and countless women who you admire. 2016 is your year. You just need to ask for a ticket and show up for it. 

2. Everything IS Bigger in Texas.

This is our largest Create & Cultivate to date. With 60 speakers, 400 women, mentor power hours, and more, you'll be buzzing for the rest of the year off the energy generated in Dallas. Big ideas, big speakers, but we do suggest leaving the big hair at home. 

3. One Life Changing Day.

As they say, you only live Beyoncé. This is one day that has the potential to change your whole world. That's a big claim, and we know it, but that's how much we believe in what we're doing and the connections you can make. 

4. You'll Get That Perfect Instagram Shot.

Without giving away too much, we have two words for you: Magical Greenhouse.

5. Did We Mention the Food Is Fantastic?

Whether you want to chow down on a Sprinkles cupcake or experience the nutrient-rich, whole well-being that Sakara Life offers, you're going to be well fed. Plus, if you've never tried Dallas BBQ, you don't the meaning of finger-licking good. 

6. Secret Shopping Spots from BagSnob.

Dallas local and panelist Tina Craig let us in on a few secret shopping spots. Including: Dolly Python, where Tina and a friend from LA scored a full-length blonde mink coat with Neiman Marcus tags for $250. V.O.D. Boutique, a well-curated store from former Dallas Morning News fashion editor Jackie Bolen. And finally, Forty Five Ten, the ultimate one-stop shop for luxury goods (and Tina's favorite!). Network on Saturday, shop on Sunday, work on Monday. 

7. Tips. Tips. Tips. 

If you're on the verge of launching your blog you'll get the best possible tips, from the best people in the business. There's no better way to cultivate success than at our conference. 

8. The GIFT BAG.

Filled with products from brands we love like Mira, Madewell, Framebridge, and more, you'll head home with tools you need to grow your brand and look good while doing it. 


So what's it gonna be? We suggest sharing this post with those who are still wondering on what to get your for the holidays might do the trick. HINT HINT.

(Get your Create & Cultivate Dallas tickets here!)