6 Boss Retreats to Take in 2016




When you’re a boss there are a lot of work trips you need to take. Jetting from east to west coast to meet with clients. Hopping on a plane last minute to close a deal. Heading a company’s campus to meet with the CEO. And while there is something to be said for being a go-getter on-the-go, giving yourself the opportunity the chance to recharge and reset while also gaining perspective from other business owners is key to keep your business moving forward. 

There is lots of value in learning and absorbing, especially when you are doing so among other entrepreneurs you admire. Besides, forging new relationships will improve your skills as a leader.  Some people even say that successful people spend 30 minutes a day improving their people skills— so why not take a few days or even a week, to work on that and more?  

The Antigua Retreat. If you’ve wanted to be treated like a senorita boss, lounging in a mansion, margarita in hand while also masterminding with “THREE 6-figure-earning business brains AND 10 other genius entrepreneur-itas,” then this is the boss week retreat for you. There are only two spots left on this retreat that takes place February 13-20th. Pack your bag, a bikini, and your boss attitude. 

Passage. Forget failed resolutions. Over 21 days - the time it takes to form new habits - this retreat will gather a group of dreamers and disrupters to live, work, and explore new ways to exist in the modern world. The programming is crafted to expand minds and the adventuring is designed to develop and nurture personal practices for the body and spirit. Prepare to evolve your notion of community and work to impact the greater good. Head to Costa Rica from January 22-February 14th and #findyourwild. 

The Boss Lady Retreat Experience is a weekend retreat in the mountains at an undisclosed location. This is an annual event that will take place in September for all boss women and those inspiring to become bosses.  At this retreat the attendees will experience the beautiful scenery from one of the best luxurious cabins. There will be motivational speakers, life coaches, romance consultants and more. They are currently planning their next event. Follow them on Facebook to keep up with the details. 

The Remember Me Retreat is a unique journey of self-discovery, self-love and appreciation for women seeking guidance in making transformations and reclaiming the woman within. The retreat takes place in tranquil Anguilla, BWI. The relaxing yet intimate retreat is composed of in-depth personal exploration, group sharing and inspirational sisterhood. The retreat encourages you to nurture your mind, body and spirit. Get your tickets for August 16-21, 2016. 

The Rad Photographers Retreat. For all you creatives with a camera, this retreat is for you. At RPR, the plan is to tap into goals, fears, insecurities and ultimately break down those intrusive walls to help other like-minded creatives grow. Gather with your peers in an intimate lodge setting, sit around a dining table with coffee and a fireplace with a glass of wine, and reinvigorate the reason you were crazy enough to become small business owners in the first place. Takes place March 9-12th in Blue Bounds, Wisconsin. 

For over 25 years, The Writer's Retreat has been providing an “intensive learning experience for small groups of serious-minded writers who are committed to improving and completing their novels for submission.” Taking place on a private Texas ranch May 12-19, 2016, you’ll participate in workshops, intensive writing, and one-on-one meetings with industry professionals.