The 5 Clutch Business Tools Every Startup Needs Now

Managing the day-to-day stressors of a startup is, well, stressful. These five tools will help you mitigate and manage, so that you have time to focus on the million + 1 other tiny details. No one ever said rising, grinding, and making your own way was easy! 

Breather: Your Place to Pitch

A startup doesn't always come with a cute office space. In fact, most of the time it's you hustling from your living room in the attempt to get your idea off the ground. Well, think of Breather as your wings-- because you should never pitch where you eat. If you need a space to look professional, Breather is your new startup BFF. Take meetings with potential investors or new clients in one of their rentable spaces. The way it works is simple. Sign up on their site for free, and book "peaceful and practical" spaces when you need them. 

Freshbooks: The Fresh Way You Get Paid

If billing clients and keeping track of invoices is SBT (small business torture) Freshbooks is your savior. Freshbooks is an accounting software program that makes it easy to keep track of billing. Built specifically for small business owners to get organized and get paid, you’ll be tracking time, logging expenses and invoicing your clients with efficiency. It will make you look professional and gets that money in the bank an average of 5 days faster (based on a Freshbooks conducted of 2,000 users) than what you're used to. That's a whole business week.  

Sell Hack: A Cold Email Is DOA If You've Got the Wrong Contact

Cold emailing is the new cold calling, but without the right contact you're wasting a fair amount of time sending off emails to Generic email accounts will sometimes get forwarded to the right place, but when you're attempting to build your business, the right contact is a golden ticket. Sell Hack gives you just that, and was created to make prospecting on the Internet easier. It's a simple plugin that gives you the option to search and build out email lists. So create an account, look up the people you want to pitch, and start hacking into success. 

Bench Accounting: For the Numbers You Don't Want to Crunch

Make keeping your finances in order Bench's problem. For small businesses and small business owners, Bench collects all your financial data and turns it into tidy financial reports. Which means no: data entry, number crunching, or worrying that you are going to severely screw up your entire life with QuickBooks. Bench offers you a personal bookkeeping team, ready to tackle all of those receipts. You'll get financial statements every month and year-end reporting. It also makes TAX SEASON a breeze. 

Sunrise Calendar: Keeping You Organized and On Time

So you don't have the capital for a personal assistant? Not a problem. Sunrise Calendar is a free calendar made for Google Calendar, Exchange, and iCloud that automatically syncs between your phone tablet and computer so you can access your calendar from anywhere. Fashionably late is not a thing in the startup world.