Up In the Air: 3 Ways Boss Women Fly Hydrated

It's 10pm and you're in the airport lounge waiting to board a redeye for your business trip across the country. It's a flight path all too familiar to you--  after all, the hustle can sleep on a plane. Why not make moves across the country to make moves with your career the next day? You say it's time well-managed. 

However, it can ravage your body. The mixture of recycled plane air, low humidity environments, and the moisture zapping tendency of winter, can leave you with dry skin, itchy eyes, and you're even more prone to catch a virus. So, what's a boss to do?

Drink Water

This may seem obvious, but for anyone on-the-go a drink and a movie sounds much more appealing (especially on a redeye) than a bottle of water. But make a point to buy a big one before you get on your flight, and make sure you finish it by the time you land. 

Flyers tend to nix big bottles of water to avoid annoying their aisle mates by heading to the bathroom every hour, but lack of water and sleeping on a plane make for the perfect recipe for fatigue. Which, IS THE LAST thing you need when you're trying to nail down and impress an investor. 

Have trouble remembering? Make it a game and take a sip every time the stewardess turns on the seatbelt sign. 

Take Emergen-C or Airborne

It's not in your head that you always get sick on a plane. The air inside the cabin of a plane usually has a humidity level of 10 to 20 percent, which is much lower than typical indoor humidity of 30 to 65 percent. This low humidity level actually affects your health. When your airways are moist, the lining traps viruses from entering your body. When they are dry, those germs have a one-way ticket to your body. 

Pack an immune booster in your carry-on. 

Pack the Right Moisturizer

Dry, itching skin is the worst. So is a dehydrated looking face. You want to look fresh-faced and rested when you step off the plane. Yes to has a new line formulated specifically for dry skin. The Yes to Coconut is a natural collection that combines nourishing moisturizers like coconut oil that's perfect for skin in need of heavy hydration. To wipe away impurities and makeup try the Coconut Cleansing Wipes. The Ultra Hydrating Facial Souffle Moisturizer is non-greasy and super hydrating. And a dab of Ultra Hydrating Overnight Eye Balm says bye bye to dry eyes as you say hello to a new city.