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As the co-founder of Good American, the inclusive denim line Emma Grede launched with Khloe Kardashian in December 2016, there was a lot of pressure to perform. But with a focus on inclusive sizing and showing the product on various models on its website, the duo found immediate, chart-topping success. 

It was the biggest denim launch in apparel history. NBD. With sizes ranging from 00 to 24, that they don't separate into "petite" or "plus-size" categories, the label relied on social-media marketing, featuring the product on an array of women on its Instagram. They've now expanded into bodysuits and sweats, as modeled by Khloe herself. 

Originating from a convo between Khloe and Emma about what it means to be a woman today, Emma shares “We believe everybody deserves to be shown off. Fashion should be made to fit women, not the other way around. Body ideals really have shifted in the last few years.”

Here's to shifting the industry, one Good pair of jeans at a time. 

Read more from Emma below. 

What an amazing year you've had! In 2016 you and co-founder Khloe did one million in sales on day one. Did you ever anticipate such wild, record-breaking success?

I knew we were going to be successful because I knew we had made a killer pair of jeans that doesn’t exist in the marketplace and I was sure women would react positively to that, but No! I didn’t expect that first day of sales and I didn’t anticipate the year we’ve had either.

As a company how do you one-up yourself on that? And stay ahead of the game?

You have to constantly and consistently do two things, one listen to your customers, what do they want, what can they not get and what can you do better for them? And then you need to act on that information from a product development perspective and keep improving what you do.

Your husband also co-founded a denim line that has seen astronomical success. What kind of jean talk happens in your household?

Ha ha! Yes it is quite odd but Jens, who owns Frame denim, and I have worked together for over 10 years now, first in the fashion agency group he founded - Wednesday Group- with his business partner Erik Torsteensen and now with Good American, so we literally talk shop all the time. Our business are our hobbies as well as what we do professionally but we also have two children together, so sometimes there just is no space for us discuss business and that creates a nice balance.

What would you say most prepared you to launch a company?

Good American isn’t my first company, it’s my third! But I would say all my experience leading up to now. Working in the fashion and entertainment business has given me an appreciation for what’s important and that’s product. If I look at how I spend my time it’s all in creating the best possible product.

When do you feel the most empowered?

At about 8:30 am every morning! I’ve worked out, had breakfast with my family, taken my little boy to school and I’m on route to the office listening to a Podcast……somedays I’d like to turn around and head back to bed!! But most days I’m feeling on fire at about 8:30 am!!!

What do you find most empowering about working alongside Khloe?

Khloe is the real deal as a business woman, she’s one of the most positive people I know and she’s also importantly, a really hard worker. She puts her all into every task, she’s super passionate about what we do and that’s both inspiring and empowering.

"We wanted to liberate women from an unreal external projection."

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People always say a co-founder relationship is like a marriage. Why do you think you and Khloe work well together?

Ultimately we have a respect for one another and what each of us does. Khloe is very open-minded and she’s learned a lot from her time in the business with her various ventures, which is where my respect for her comes.

What's the Good Squad about and why is it an important part of the brand?

The Good Squad is so important to us, we believe very strongly that it’s so important to show a real representation of women in fashion and the wider media landscape. We wanted to liberate women from feeling as though they need to live up to an unreal external projection of how they should be. Our girls come from all over the world, from all different backgrounds, have different shapes, sizes and are all working hard to realize their dreams and potential.

"We believe very strongly that it’s so important to show a real representation of women in fashion."

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When do you feel the most pressure?

At about 8:30 am every morning- Ha!! I feel pressure going into photo shoots and filming things, I really don’t do well on camera.

When do you feel the most relaxed?

On Sundays. I love Sunday brunch, the newspapers, hanging with my babies -- that’s just the best and most relaxing for me.

Any upcoming Good American news you can share with us?

YES! We just launched our spring 2018 collection and new styles will drop weekly! We are also very close to releasing our line of maternity denim called ‘Good Mama’. Launch details will be released on Good American’s social media channels very soon!

What would you call your superpower?

I’m really good at motivating people and just getting stuff done, out the door, over the line. That’s my super power.

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