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There are body goals, and then there’s Massy Arias aka MankoFit.

With 2.4 million Instagram followers, the rockhard rockstar is setting the precedent for workout ethic with a holistic approach to body and mind wellbeing. What began as an effort to overcome depression soon became a life-saving lifestyle for the fitness fanatic, who says that failure is the ultimate opportunity for learning. As a certified personal trainer, Arias aspires to shape futures, not just as six packs.

Follow along for MankoFit’s thoughts on cheat days, motherhood, and more.

Name: Massy Arias

Instagram Handle: @massy.arias

When did your passion for fitness begin? Do you have any cheat days? If so, we can’t tell.

About 5 years ago when I went through a depression. Fitness was my outlet to beat it. I don’t believe in cheat days. I like food and I eat healthy. If I decide to have something that has less nutritional value and a bit more calories than usual per meal, I don’t consider it cheating. I am just eating what my body felt like eating.

What are the basics of a healthy morning routine for busy women?

Fitness and nutrition isn’t a size fits all approach in my book. When it comes to my habits in the morning, I’ve established a routine for myself. I prep the night before so it’s easy to make the things I love in the morning. Overnight oats, oatmeal pancake batter, and even overnight Greek yogurt are my top choices in the morning especially if I am super busy.

You were super honest about learning to accept your post-preg body. What have you learned about your body since having your daughter?

Since having my daughter I’ve learned I’m a superwoman. I did something amazing that took close to 10 months, it’s going to take time to feel like myself and look the same way I used to before her. I love my body even more because it was the body that helped me bring my daughter into the world.

"Since having my daughter I’ve learned I’m a superwoman."

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Are there parts of your life that have become more clear since her birth?

Every aspect of my life and even I have changed since giving birth to Indi. I have become a better trainer, daughter, and wife. I can relate to a whole new “hood” I’ve never been able to relate with; motherhood and parenthood.

What’s the legacy you want to leave on your community?

The day I die, I’d like people to remember me as someone who taught how to be fearless and how to create their own destiny. I would love my daughter to say I was her motivator and role model.

"I would love my daughter to say I was her motivator and role model."

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What advice do you have for women working towards cultivating the career of their dreams?

Have Integrity. Don’t give up on your big goal once things get tough because I didn’t. The tougher it got for me, the more I learned how to navigate the things that today are easy for me to accomplish. I have never lowered my standards and I haven’t lost integrity to get the things I’ve wanted in my career. Too many people fall short and lower their standards for the things they want at the moment not realizing they are compromising their goals. Look at the big picture and don’t settle for less.



What is your biggest pet peeve?

When my husband eats my food. Drives me insane especially when I ask beforehand if I should get extra of “that something” and he says, “no.” Then it’s gone and I want to scream.

Top 3 artists on your workout playlist?

Leikeli 47, Major Lazer, Kendrick Lamar. (Cardi B but until she makes more music, I’ll continue playing Bodak Yellow, lol).

What's something you'd like people to know about your job that they probably don’t?

I handle all my social media, create my programs from top to bottom, and all the decisions I make for my supplement company are my own. From ingredients to new products. I don’t play around with neither my business or my fans. The reason I am here today is because of them and they deserve me staying genuine and telling them only the truth.

What about your career makes you feel the most complete?

I love what I do. I’ve been complete ever since I started helping people and doing fitness. I LOVE what I do. I think I’ve found my purpose and I hope my love for fitness and helping others shows even if those who show me support haven’t met me directly.

If you had to trade jobs with anyone else in the world, who would it be and why?

I’d trade jobs with Ayesha Curry. I happen to be really good in the kitchen and she seems to have so much love and passion for cooking that it looks so rewarding. You can tell she loves what she does.

"I’d trade jobs with Ayesha Curry."


At what point in your career did you find the confidence to really take charge and become the woman you are today?

At the point, I had a serious talk with my mother and I had anxiety about everything I was doing. She told me to read Ecclesiastes in the Bible and that was it. I never doubted myself. I’m very spiritual and that gave me so much confidence because of the man above always, ALWAYS, backs me up.

What's the best advice you've ever been given? Or your favorite piece of #realtalk?

The best advice I was given was by my mother. She’s always told me to be myself and not try to be what people expect me to be.

When you hit a big bump in the road, how do you find a new road or a detour?

I hit bumps every day. I don’t look at failure or anything for that matter as a negative. I’ve learned a lot more failing or through bumps in the road than I have when everything is going great. I learn from the situation and I find a solution. But I keep moving forward with applying what I’ve learned and hopefully not make that mistake again.

What song do you sing in the shower when you’ve had a bad day?

"Stronger" by Tank.

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