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Shiva Rose is holistic and happy. 

Almost a decade ago Iranian actress Shiva launched her beauty platform, The Local Rose, a platform celebrating a holistic, healthy life style without sacrificing taste & glamour. 

She's dealt with divorce, major health issues, including lupus and other autoimmune disorders, and the grief of being told she only had a year to live at 26, but Shiva's personal agenda and holistic messaging includes taking responsibility for her own health. And her life. She's been a fighter from the beginning. Raised in Iran until the age of ten, Shiva and her family were forced to escape to Paris. They then moved to Los Angeles, where she remains today. 

Now the wellness-and-beauty entrepreneur heralds her brand Shiva Rose Beauty, which creates 100% toxic and chemical free skin, body and beauty products, handmade in California and Oregon, USA

Her book Whole Beauty is coming out next Spring. 

More from the Shiva goddess below. 

Name: Shiva Rose

Instagram Handle: @localrose

Business Instagram Handle: @shivarosebeauty

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is what we choose to see, how we choose to live, what we want to cultivate in our lives on a daily basis. The ability to see beauty in the most simple moments, and to live in that is the ultimate gift.

Do you remember a moment when you first felt beautiful?

I think I have always felt most beautiful when connected to the natural world. There have been moments when I've been soaking in some wild hot springs with dear sisters, and have felt totally divine and in my feminine beauty.

"I have always felt most beautiful when connected to the natural world."

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Where do your drive and passion come from?

From my connection to the source. From being in nature. From wanting a better world for my daughters.

What was the impetus for launching The Local Rose?

I started my holistic lifestyle brand before wellness was becoming mainstream. I began it 9 years ago to document my path towards healing from various autoimmune issues. I felt at the time there were not many sites that showed wellness and holistic living in a chic, modern way. I wanted to also bring some love to the many wonderful artisans and healers I was meeting.

What are your biggest fears about running a business?

I try not to think or live in fear. It's a daily practice to substitute love for fear but it can be done with conscious thinking and meditation. I would say some challenges that I do come across are having the stamina and strength to deal with the heavy load. We must create strong nervous systems so we can hold the space for success and abundance.

"I try not to think or live in fear."

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What's something you'd like people to know about your job that they probably don’t?

That I do most everything from writing the posts on my site and making many of my products by hand. I also handle the day-to-day dealings.

IYO-- How can we stay original when we are so saturated with other people's work?

Listen to your unique, authentic intuitive guide. Truly don't do something just to make others happy, but something that lights you up in a deeply powerful way.

Don't do something just to make others happy, but something that lights you up in a deeply powerful way.

What about your career makes you feel the most complete?

When I receive emails from people who have tried the line and see that it works for them. Also from the comments on my blog about certain stores that have touched them. My book Whole Beauty is coming out next Spring and that makes me feel pretty complete, at least for the moment.

If you had to trade jobs with anyone else in the world, who would it be and why?

To be honest I love what I do and truly don't want to trade with anyone. I would just like to create more of this and bring some healing to people in pain. I have been in the depths of despair from divorce, from health issues, from childhood traumas and I want to just let others know that there is a light at the tunnel, once you realize you are the light.

At what point in your career did you find the confidence to really take charge and become the woman you are today?

I feel it was a gradual journey where I began to listen to my inner voice and guide. I did have a light bulb moment after a Kundalini class to create my beauty line. It wasn't so much confidence, but rather deep knowing that this was something I would do. I feel when we open ourselves in meditation, our egos get out of the way and our spirits or souls will guide us.

What's the best advice you've ever been given? Or your favorite piece of #realtalk?

I Say Yes to life and life says Yes to me!

When you hit a big bump in the road, how do you find a new road or a detour?

I take a moment a feel the bump fully. I then will take some time away to refuel myself with the love I receive from mama earth and father sun. I also will try to take a Kundalini class by one of my teachers. These things will usually realign me and help me get back on my path.

What song do you sing in the shower when you’ve had a bad day?

Usually mantras! If not mantras then I love the music of Van Morrison, Dan Dyer, Zeppelin, classical and the blues.

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