Fashion: Jenni Kayne

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Captured the heart of the Cali girl.  

Jenni Kayne started her eponymous California cool girl label at 19. “I was very young and fearless and had nothing holding me back at the time,” she says. After marriage and kids the designers interests began to expand and the Jenni Kayne brand now encompasses apparel, footwear, and home goods. With five retail stores in California, a hope to open more outside of the Golden State, her Rip & Tan blog, that covers everything from fashion to wellness, Jenni appears a master at managing the work life balance. However it’s a facet of entrepreneurship that Jenni has worked hard to make her truth. 

“Juggling being a mother, homemaker, wife and business owner…” she shares, “to me they are each equally important to being happy and successful.”

Jenni says that, “Balance is key to success and happiness. For me, that means having an amazing team at home and at work to allow me to be a mom and still an inspired designer.  I also think it means focusing on parts of work were I really add value rather than trying to micro-manage or do too many little things. When I'm home it's important to me to spend quality time with my kids and family and focus on them without distractions of work.” 

It’s a balance brought on in part by her practice of yoga and daily meditation, as well as horseback riding, but the mom has also made sure to surround herself by a wonderful team and those that know more than she does, an approach we often hear is the case from many successful women. Do what you know at 100% but likewise hem in your know-how by those who know what you don’t. 

It’s also a balance that exists within the brand. Though the clothing label is named after Jenni, she has managed to strike the fine balance between being the face of her brand and letting the brand speak for itself. This approach, she says was “definitely intentional,” 

Influenced by her dad, Ralph Lauren, Martha Stewart, and Gwyneth Paltrow, “to name a few” Jenni says, she wouldn’t be where she isn’t without hard work, strategy, and an “aim to stay consistent and authentic.” 

Over the years as fashion made a move for fast, Jenni has never shifted her approach. 

Rip & Tan, which started as a way for the designer to put her “tips and and recommendations on paper, so to speak,” has evolved and become a natural extension of her brand and support the business. “I only post about subjects I truly believe in,” Jenni says. “I think that's why it has been well received. I really believe that all of life's details should be special and help make a woman feel her best, and I think Rip & Tan represents that.” This sentiment echoes her favorite life advice: “Only do what you believe in and what you're passionate about.”

“Only do what you believe in and what you're passionate about.”

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Over the years Jenni says she's really learned to listen to herself. She gets so busy between work, family, and friends she chooses to “be around positivity and things that feel good and right.” Sometimes that means a horseback ride solo, sometimes with her daughter Ripley. Jenni grew up riding with her own mom and says, “it's really special to pass this tradition on to my daughter.”

She also mentions that in the last five years she’s really taken the time to get to know herself, listening to and trusting her gut. "I don’t have time to waste being in any unhealthy or toxic relationships," she explains. "So in that way, I respect myself and have boundaries with my time and how and with whom I spend it.”  

Also adding, “Women are so strong and have the ability to do anything! I think we are capable of multitasking on a level that men could never dream of.”

The big dreamer is up for the challenge. “I think we as woman can do anything we put our minds to. We are homemakers, mothers, friends, and business owners (among many other things) all at once and can do it all well without sacrificing. It's so important to recognize and support these qualities in all women.”

Styling provided by Reservoir LA. Hair and makeup provided by Glamsquad. Photography courtesy of Light Lab and Woodnote Photography.