Meet the Speaker: Emily Schuman of Cupcakes & Cashmere

We're not ones to pat ourselves on the back, but sometimes we can't help it—and this is one of those! Our lineup for #CreateCultivateDALLAS is already killer and is only going to get better. To get you all worked up and as excited as we are, we're going to introduce some of the awesome women who'll be there. Here, Cupcakes & Cashmere founder Emily Schuman, who'll be speaking in our keynote conversation. Get to know her here, and IRL in January!

Your first job: Camp counselor

Your first girl crush: Anna Chlumpsky in ‘My Girl’

Favorite form of exercise: Dancing

Which Disney character are you? Abu from ‘Aladdin’

In high school, you were voted: “Most likely to play a professional sport.”

Last thing you do at night before you go to bed: Listen to an audio book.

Thing you can’t resist buying in the checkout line: Mentos. I pretend they’re just mints, even though the strawberry flavor is simply candy.

Your local coffee spot: Go Get Em Tiger

Go-to cocktail: Hendricks martini, a little dirty

Favorite time of year: Fall, October specifically

Best gift you’ve ever received: My push present, a beautiful Anita Ko ring

Next thing on your to-do list: Get through my inbox

Proudest moment: Becoming a mom

Favorite quote: Work hard, be nice.

This or that:

Your wallet: Totally organized, or packed with ATM receipts? Packed with ATM receipts (and gum wrappers, rubber bands, etc.)

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate. For everything but ice cream/shakes, then I prefer vanilla!

Saturday morning or Sunday night? Saturday morning!

Dinnertime responsibilities: Cooking or doing the dishes? We switch off, day to day.

Karaoke: In the crowd or on the stage? If on the stage, what song? On the stage, if I have enough liquid courage. Then I’m singing/butchering a classic, something like ‘American Girl’ by Tom Petty.

Shopping: In store or online? Online

In flight: work, nap or movie? Work while watching a movie.

At parties: On the dancefloor, deep in conversation, by the snacks? Eating snacks on the dance floor.

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