BFFs in Business: Show Me Your Mumu

BFFs in Business: Cammy (left) and Cologne (right) of Show Me Your Mumu

BFFs in Business: Cammy (left) and Cologne (right) of Show Me Your Mumu

#Femships have been making headlines lately. From Beyoncé and Nicki, to Tina and Amy, to Taylor Swift and her bevy of BFFs (#squadgoals), it's a term coined in celebration of female friendships in life and sometimes, in business. 

Proving that necessity is the mother of invention, design duo and best friends Cammy Hebert and Cologne Schmidt, both 29, of Show Me Your Mumu reinvented the classic mumu after a weekend vacation in Miami. The rest is modern fashion history wrapped in their eclectic brand that has been embraced by celebs like Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, and Beyoncé. Show Me Your Mumu is loved by women everywhere who can find it online and in more than 300 stores nationwide.

We chatted with Cammy and Cologne about the ins and out of business and friendship, and how they make their #femship work (literally).


Name: Cammy Hebert & Cologne Schmidt

Trade: Co-founders of Show Me Your Mumu

Location: Venice Beach and Vernon, CA


So-called "femships," aka female friends run businesses together, are having a moment. How has your friendship given you a business edge?   

Cologne: We started this business as friends, and we're lucky that we still are best friends and work together so well! Usually people advise not to go into business with your best friend, but we have been very lucky. Our relationship is more like sisters now—we have been through a lot together. The Mumu lifestyle is all about girlfriends and having fun, so were have been able to translate that lifestyle to our customer. We also each bring different vibes and styles to the table, rounding out the Mumu line and aesthetic. 

"we started this business as friends and we're lucky that we still are."

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How do you think your business would be different working solo?  

Cologne: Having a business partner makes the whole process so much more fun and emotionally manageable. Cammy and I go through all the highs and lows together—we get to cry and we get to celebrate together. When problems arise, we can help each other solve them. We also manage different channels of the business, so we can split up some of the workload and teams we manage. The creative part, which we both love, we get to do together and bring our unique vibes to each collection.


How was the transition of working for companies like Calvin Klein, to packing your bags to LA and starting your own business?

Cammy: We laugh because starting your own business is kind of like having a baby. You care about them so much, they are nonstop work, and you will do anything for them—including staying up all night. Working for yourself is very challenging, but also very rewarding. It involves a lot more emotion and work, but we would never change it. We love our baby, Mumu!


Show Me Your Mumu is a very female-powered business. Who are the women that inspire you?

Cologne: We have both learned a lot from our moms. My mom is a very strong lady, who always taught me to speak up, work hard, and be and be myself. We have 3 women on our board who we work closely with—Liz, Cammy’s mom Teresa, and Janet. They are amazing women who inspire us and make us better women and #girlbosses.

"always be honest and vocal with each other. it will help in the long run."

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What would be your best advice to someone who wants to start a business with their friend?  

Cammy: Make sure that you can see it working longterm. Think about all of the situations you will have to go through and imagine how you'd handle them together. It is so much fun to work with a friend, but it can also be strenuous on some friendships, so it is not for everyone! If you do choose it, make sure to always be honest and vocal with each other. It will help you in the long run. Also, have fun with it! Running a business with your bud is a blast!

Thanks, girls! 

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