"Pricing Is An Equation It’s Not An Emotion"—Jenna Kutcher Wants Every Woman to Realize Their Worth

Jenna Kutcher

If we were asked to attribute dictionary definitions to people we believe embody them, Jenna Kutcher would be filed under powerhouse. She is the definition of a multi-hyphenate with many talents that include photographer, podcaster, and more recently, mom. Kutcher has proved that she is so much more than an influencer, she’s a verified business woman who prides herself on creating multiple streams of revenue.

In fact, when she found out that the average millionaire has seven revenue streams, she made it her mission to make eight in one year. Now you can see why she deserves the powerhouse title, right? It’s also why we were thrilled she could join us as our keynote speaker for the recent Aerie REALtreat which we recorded as an exclusive episode on the WorkParty podcast. We wrote down some of her realest quotes from the chat with our CEO Jaclyn Johnson below but be sure to download it asap and soak in all of her wisdom. Be sure to have a pen and paper ready too.


Jenna Kutcher, Photographer, Podcaster, and Mom.


Jaclyn Johnson, CEO of Create + Cultivate

On mistakes that entrepreneurs make:

“Not believing that they have something to bring to the table. We (women) have a hard time recognizing our super powers.”

“Selling just sounds awful. It feels like we’re asking somebody for something instead of giving something to someone. I’ve reframed selling. I’m thinking about the gift I am giving someone. I felt this colossal shift when I reframed selling as I’m not asking someone for money, I’m giving them something of value.”

On money:

“The average millionaire has seven revenue streams so I made it my mission in one year to make eight.”

“I don’t want to show up because I’m getting paid I want to show up because I want to be in the room. I do everything out of my desire to create impact not income.”

On pivoting:

“I think the problem a lot of the time is that we are focused on building a business and not building a brand.”

“I’m so passionate about encouraging women to build a true brand that is based on the fact that you are a multi-passionate human. You don’t have to pick a lane and stay in it.”

“Build a brand based around you and the fact that you are a multi-passionate human and don’t be one-dimensional.”

On defining your worth:

“For the first time in my life I am feeling free and my time is what is most important to me.”

“If you are on the side hustling hard, you are killing it and your time is worth something fierce.”

“Now I’m at this place where I can show up because I want to.”

“Pricing is an equation it’s not an emotion. For women, often times it is emotional but pricing is based on your goals, your gifts and your way of showing up.”

“The biggest hurdles are mindset and I think that’s true for most women.”

On motherhood:

“I feel like society tells us we can only do one or the other well and I am just done with that messaging. I am an amazing mom and I am running an amazing company.”

“I’m always feeling torn. When I’m working I’m thinking of my baby and when I’m with my baby I’m thinking about work. For me I really want to break the barrier and double standard of fathers and mothers. When I traveled and my child was 12 weeks old, people were shaming me for leaving her for three days. Would anyone say that about a father leaving?”

On her “Imperfectly empowering women” motto:

“We hold people to a different standard than we hold ourselves to, especially leaders.”

“Criticism impacts me deeply because I care so much about what I’m doing.”

“I want to bring people back down to earth. We hold our mentors to higher standards, but those paths never become well-paved if we are really leading out into the unknown.”

“You have to be the leader you want in other people. It’s up to you.”

On her best advice for women:

“My creator created me without any mistakes.”

“You are whole you are perfect you are capable, you are empowered, you are impactful, you are important, you are enough—when I can speak to myself the way I speak to my daughter I can show up in a whole new capacity.”

“Are you loving yourself the way you love others?”

On social media:

“I approach social from the place that I have to get your attention for you to listen to me. My words matter so much more to me than the photos I share but the photos are the delivery for me to share my message.”

“There is so much worth in you. People want to connect with you. I want to see you. I want to know why I should care. I want to know why I should vote with my dollars for you.”

Being real means to me… Showing up in whatever season you’re in.

What does being real mean to you? Share it with us in the comments below.