Meet the Speaker: Erica Domesek of P.S. - I Made This

Name + @username Erica Domesek + @psimadethis

Trade Founder of P.S.- I Made This

Panel From Blog To Brand: The art of creating compelling content that translates offline and online

Erica Domesek founded the DIY empire P.S. - I Made This, taking the brand from blog to books to events and then some. She's an expert on delivering smiles one DIY project at a time and building a brand both online and off.


Get your tickets here to catch Erica live in conversation at #CreateCultivateCHI on Aug 15th! 


What’s at the top of your to-do list today?

I am headed to Duff's Cakemix to decorate a cake with my friend's daughter! Top priority. 

Where were you in life just before you started your blog/business?

I was a prop stylist and set designer, working as a creative consultant for brands like Madewell, Kate Spade, Anthropologie, Glamour and Teen Vogue Mags, etc. Designing store windows, advertising campaigns, and lookbooks was my background.

Your Instagram feed is a go-to destination for a dose of color and inspiration. What content have you found performs the best? Any tips for creating content?

I like to say, "comfort with a twist" performs the best. What does that mean? Something that you're comfortable with, like something you recognize and are familiar with, but give it a twist. That OMG-factor that makes you wanna double tap, or even tag your BFF in the comments.

Great tip. What’s the last interweb rabbit hole you went down?

Instagram is my bermuda triangle. I'm currently stuck on rainbow legos, gummy candies, and comparing compositions and color coordination.

What tools and/or apps are essential to your work?

My go-to apps are Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat… and I would be lost without Dropbox. 

Which part of your business comes the most naturally to you? What skills have you had to work overtime to develop?

I'm a left and right brained person who sometimes leans on the creative motor skills more than the business side, and other times that flip-flops when you're running a creative business. Brainstorming new campaigns and projects with out-of-the-box ideas and writing cute copy are what I live for. I have to work on my management and communication skills daily, as well as my organization.

Who do you go to most for advice (in life and/or work)? What’s the best piece of advice they’ve given you?

I have the best and smartest friends who are also my mentors. I have learned that being reactive does not help anyone—yourself, your team, etc. I always say "talk once, and listen twice," because sitting back and getting other's perspectives and thoughts will be helpful to not only your overall team building, but also helps you to stay open and accepting of other's advice and ideas.

Check out P.S. - I Made This for more bold DIY inspiration than you can shake a fistful of glitter at (including this #girlboss friendly DIY gem mousepad)!

Get your tickets here to catch Erica live in conversation at #CreateCultivateCHI on Aug 15th!