Q+A: Making Magic & Feeling Feelings with Louise Androlia

Louise Androlia is a writer, inspirational speaker, life coach, artist, tarot card reader and general magic-maker in the truest sense. In short: she does a lot, and makes it all work beautifully. Originally from the UK, she's now based in Los Angeles, CA, where she works with clients one-on-one, in groups, and through writing, and believes in empowerment through self-awareness.

At age three, her parents found her casting spells in the backseat of the car and growing up, she was—and forever will be—enraptured by magic and miracles. She is on a constant quest to honor her inner weirdo and loves teaching people how to feel their feelings.

We know it's easy to get bogged down in the day to day hustle of work (and even play), but a shift in perspective can make it all worthwhile. Seeing (and reading about) the way Louise walks through life radiating positivity, good health, mindfulness, and creativity (I mean, just look into those eyes and tell me you don't see the spark!?). Her work and monthly Tarotscopes will give you a whole new perspective on life, sharing your gifts with the world and being good to yourself. Read on for a Q+A with this world wonder. —JM


Name, @username, day job/craft(s):

Louise Androlia (@louniverse), Magic Maker at louiseandrolia.com

Writer, Life Coach, Tarot Therapist + Tutor, Artist, Jewellery Designer, Public Speaker. I write monthly Tarotscopes for The Numinous (*Editor's Note: We live by them!) and recently started a weekly tarot video-forecasts as well! 


What tools and/or apps are essential to your work? 

Post-Its, a collection of pens and notebooks, my Macbook Air for writing on the go, and my diary for scheduling clients and meetings. This year I’m trying out the Filofax but I have to say I think I miss my Moleskine! And of course, my tarot decks. My favourite artwork is The Cosmic Tarot deck that I’ve had since I was a teenager. My fave iPhone apps are KitCam and Afterlight.


A lot of your Life Coaching clients are young creatives. What advice do you find yourself giving most often?

To trust in the timing of your own life. Young people tend to fear that they're "wasting time" while everyone else is succeeding or comparing themselves to other people in general. All of your work, present and future, is fueled by your life experiences. Trust that every moment is giving you something to pull from later. My own career started relatively late, due in part to health issue in my youth. I was obsessed with the idea that my time had been stolen, but it turns out my illness is the very thing that gave me the foundation to do what I do now! So take action, but don’t compare and jump off your own track to peer through someone else's window. Trust that you're perfectly designed to be you and that you'll have everything that you need, when you need it.


When your work is so directly linked to your own feelings and energy, how do you manage balancing clients, income, and yourself?

The very last thing I want is to wake up and not want to help someone.

My work is very energetic, so boundaries are important. I schedule clients only 2 days of the week, and make time for personal projects and writing throughout the week. I wouldn't be fulfilled do one single thing all the time.  It’s a choice, but everything I do is prioritized by my health and wellness, not by money. If I saw clients 6 days a week, I’d feel drained of energy—I know because I've tried it—and I’d sacrifice my health and my other projects. I also want to give each client my very best and with so much information to take in about each individual, I have to strike that balance. 

So while my main income comes from one-on-one sessions, I supplement that more passive income from my yearly horoscopes, which are most popular at the start of the year, but written to be relevant throughout, as well as contributing to various publications, collaborations like my jewelry line with Jessica de Lotz, my digital works and physical artwork. I get to do all of the things I love, which fuels my need to create—it’s most important that I enjoy my work. My goal isn’t to make millions, it’s to feed my passion and earn a little extra.

Louise's Astro Girl Zodiac series ( prints available ) 

Louise's Astro Girl Zodiac series (prints available

Your Instagram is a constant stream of inspiration and color, and quickly gaining traction. It always feels organic, but it there a strategy to it?

There's no grand strategy, however I do try to post content that relates to how I'm feeling that day, with a goal of helping others who might be feeling similarly. I don't post in real-time, but I do make a point of posting 3 times per day, since I'm aware my audience is different time zones, and I'm more interested in inciting a dialogue through comments than my follower count. 

Where do you like to go on a day off? 

It’s important for me to feel expansive so I like to get up high—living right by Griffith Park right now is a dream. I also am happy walking and people watching, so it’s common for me to just grab my keys and purse and march out of the house. I just moved to LA from the UK so everything is new and interesting, I want to see and do everything!

Who do you look to as an example of success? 

For me it’s really important not to think of success as a destination or at the top of a ladder. I feel the most successful when I feel inspired and balanced. All my heroes are my friends who are following their dreams and making sh—t happen! I am inspired by anyone who gets up and says "YES" to his or her day. That's what success is, it’s not about being approved by anyone else or earning a set figure. My friend Gabby Bernstein says she measures her success by how much fun she’s having and I wholeheartedly agree.

What’s something you know now that you wish you’d known when starting your business? 

That even though you can, in theory, work 24/7, it’s essential and OK to take time off. Also, there is no ‘right’ way to do anything, it’s all about what works for you.

What other businesses/artists are you excited about? 

Everything that Lulu creates at Of the Wolves—she has octopus hands like me and dives into all sorts of different projects.

Jessica de Lotz who I recently collaborated on a jewelry collection with. I’ve never seen anyone so unique in both their style and the way they work, she really embodies her unique, authentic self and is never sidetracked from that. 

Ruby Warrington who is the creator and curator of The Numinous is an Aries with more ideas than you can shake a stick at. I love working with her and always feel more excited about my work after we have had a brainstorm. She has so many amazing projects in the works.

I am also enchanted by every single one of my friends, so constantly enlightened by how each of their journeys shift and develop. I think it's important to immerse yourself in a community that feels supportive to you and I am really loving the creativity and collaboration that is coming from LA right now. I'm so happy to be a part of it!

A few favorites from   As Above, So Below  , Louise's collaboration with Jessica de Lotz

A few favorites from As Above, So Below, Louise's collaboration with Jessica de Lotz


What’s the next thing on your to-do list today?

Prepping a writing schedule. I'm not much of a list-maker or a planner, but all good writers that I know have some sort of writing guide and as I'm just starting a book proposal, I'm excited to really commit to dedicating time to this new project.


Sometimes procrastination is a virtue—what are you putting off right now?

Writing my book proposal! It is a virtue because I know that the moment I start writing, everything will be perfectly aligned and I will be speaking from my most authentic self. I really trust in timing.


What was your career catalyst?

I was seriously ill with chronic pain and then PTSD for most of the first half of my 20s, 2001 to 2006, and in the end that was a real gift for me. It took away any of my fears about what I ‘should’ do and caused me to trust my mind, body, spirit and value my journey. One year after my recovery, I had opened up my first business, a lingerie and accessories brand called Loulou Loves You in 2007. By coming face to face with all my darkness at quite a young age, I learned so much that I am grateful for. I never fear failure and I don’t compare myself to others—I’m too excited about what I might come up with next and too excited about helping others to hold myself back.


What are you obsessed with? 

Animals, hearing other people’s big dreams and ideas, finding other weirdos to compliment my weirdo, self-discovery, and helping other people feel fearless.


What do you wish you knew more about? 

What my cat is thinking.


Best piece of advice for someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

Your journey is not about trying to be what you ‘think’ you ‘should’ be. You are here to discover what lights you up and what you are impassioned by. Trust that if you move forward based upon a desire to feel good and pursue your dreams, you will make it work. Make goals but ones with stretch, no restrictions. Trust that everything is aligned well, there is no such thing as failure, if something doesn’t work then it is clearing a space for something better. Show up for your day, make intentions, take action and surrender ALL outcomes. Oh and be kind to yourself, every day - self care + compassion are the solutions to everything.

Louise's desk in her Los Feliz apartment

Louise's desk in her Los Feliz apartment

Now go forth, feel your feelings, and follow Louise's work at louiseandrolia.com, her monthly Tarotscope at thenuminous.net, and her adventures on Instagram @louniverse