Motivate Your Monday: 10 Tweets to Start the Week Right

Let's talk turkey. It's Thanksgiving week, which means airport lines, pumpkin pie, and feeling awkward during catch-ups with old friends and the uncle you haven't seen in 10 years.  

So, to kick the week off and bring you a bit of #MondayMotivation we've rounded up 10 Tweets we love-- some to make you laugh and feel inspired, and others to give you something to talk about when you run out of convo starters between bites of stuffing.  

Binge-watching > binge-eating turkey. But take a note from @equivocarly and turn autoplay off. 

Getting what you're worth is always worth it via: @ForbesWoman. But you need to ask.

In case you missed the #WomenofHollywood article in the New York Times about the pay gap in Tinsel Town. Angelica Huston slays. (As does the article.) 

Mae Whitman on harem pants. 

Jenny Slate (@jennyslate) on the delights of getting up after falling down. 

If you're feeling timid, remember that when women forge their own path. It's usually pays off via @JessWeiner.

@NancyJoSales pens an open letter to Tinder CEO for Vanity Fair. Why are female journalists continuously attacked for doing their jobs? 

When dreams are realized, @taffyakner shows us HOW GOOD it can feel. That's some real motivation. 

@AmberTozer has the best advice for those creeping negative thoughts. 

And if you find yourself stressing out on Thursday, take this piece of advice from @ch000ch.