Create & Cultivate: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

December is like the Friday of months. Everyone's brain goes on a bit of a vacation, or on a nostalgic walk through the last year. It happens to the best of us-- the holidays tend to bring out the dreamer. 

It's even happening around the Create & Cultivate office. In part because we've always got C & C on the brain, and the conversations that happen on site at the conferences keep up invigorated year-round. But also because prepping for Dallas is making us a wee bit nostalgic for our favorite moments of 2015. 

So, raise a glass, put on your female alpha hat, and toast to an amazing last year and an even better 2016. 

there's room at the top for everyone; it's harder to get there all by yourself.

Emily Jackson of The Ivory Lane (tweet this)

Merry Christmas from everyone at Create & Cultivate!