Press Play: Create & Cultivate DTLA "What Have You Created & Cultivated?" P1

We asked speakers at Create & Cultivate DTLA to tell us one thing they created and one thing they cultivate. Hear from Oh Joy! Taylor Sterling of the Glitter Guide, Bri Emery of Design Love Fest & more.

Guess Where We're Headed Next? Create & Cultivate Los Angeles

Just hold on until May 7th, because we're coming home. 

Create & Cultivate is getting back to its roots with our biggest dream conference we've held to date. We're so excited to host our 10th (#doubledigis) conference at the Hudson Lofts in Downtown Los Angeles. Think: floor to ceiling windows and women who have shattered glass ceilings. 

Check out the lineup, the panels, and sign up for our newsletter to be the first to keep up with future (and v exciting) announcements! 

Hold on to your Moon Juice LA, this is gonna be GRAND. 

Create & Cultivate: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

December is like the Friday of months. Everyone's brain goes on a bit of a vacation, or on a nostalgic walk through the last year. It happens to the best of us-- the holidays tend to bring out the dreamer. 

It's even happening around the Create & Cultivate office. In part because we've always got C & C on the brain, and the conversations that happen on site at the conferences keep up invigorated year-round. But also because prepping for Dallas is making us a wee bit nostalgic for our favorite moments of 2015. 

So, raise a glass, put on your female alpha hat, and toast to an amazing last year and an even better 2016. 

there's room at the top for everyone; it's harder to get there all by yourself.

Emily Jackson of The Ivory Lane (tweet this)

Merry Christmas from everyone at Create & Cultivate!