8 Insider Moments at Create & Cultivate Dallas Speaker Dinner

Create & Cultivate Dallas is officially here. We can't believe it either. And while attendees were busy mixing and mingling at Common Desk Happy Hour, Fossil hosted a ombre tabled Speaker Dinner at the W, where drinks were had, old friends mingled, new friends met, and a snapchat maven gave a few rookies a schooling in the app. Here are a few of our favorite moments from the night's festivities. 

1. To start the night, self-professed elevator- phobic Julie Rice of Soul Cycle fame, kicked off her heels and hiked 33 flights up to dinner. Which, is badass and equals buns of steel no matter how you spin it. (S. Cycle puns, you get it.) 

2. Create & Cultivate Founder Jaclyn Johnson giving everyone a warm welcome to Dallas. "This is our biggest event yet, and this room couldn't be filled with more talent," she told the room. Creative truth bomb. 

3. Katie Rodgers of Paper Fashion busting out the Sharpie and drawing at dinner for Claudia Naim Burt of The Boss Aesthetic. Because you can't have a blogger event without at least one sharp-doodling blogger. Check out her illustration here. 

4. Tina Craig of Bag Snob and Hillary Kerr of Clique Media giggling by the bar and lighting their Snapchat story on their own. Because who needs a lighting crew? 

5. Betches Aleen Kuperman and Jordana Abraham getting caught taking selfies at dinner and giving no bones about it. Naturally. 

6. Haylie Duff and Katherine Schwarzenegger cozying up like old besties. 

7. Emily Schumann, self-professed technology genius putting her money where her mouth was, by teaching Haylie Duff all about snapping. "It's cute when I use the slow filter on my daughter," she said-- to which, everyone cooed. Because it's cute as hell. And as of tonight, Haylie Duff has a Snapchat. 

8. Tina Craig admitting that earlier in the day she chopped off her own hair in her hotel room. For real. The Bag Snob took a pair of Japanese scissors and snipped off more than an inch.