Spend the Night: C & C Has a Guest Bedroom You'll Want to Stay In

It's not every office that has a guest bedroom. Sure, some offices have break rooms and play areas. Like the Google office-- which insists that its employees having fun at work. But office dynamics have changed. Gone are the days (or so we hope for you) of drab little cubicles. 

"We want the office to feel comfortable," says Jaclyn Johnson, Founder and CEO (and tenant of a pretty boss office herself). "We have so many people coming in and out from out of town, some who crash here, others who need a brief respite, and it's wonderful that they can wake up here, feel inspired, and walk downstairs and have morning coffee with the crew." 

It's a logic that follows the flow of Create & Cultivate's mission: to be an inclusive, enterprising, and empowering space for all, especially those trail blazing female entrepreneurs. 

To make this space a reality, Veronica Valencia of The Design Hunters opted for a blend of smaller LA-based companies. 

"It's not the most standard," says Veronica, "to be asked to design a bedroom in an office, but that's the magic of Create & Cultivate. There's nothing standard about it." 

Accounts Director Hope Evans says, "It's like having a sense of familiarity in your office. So when we work long hours and burn the midnight oil-- even if we aren't napping--  it still feels like home. And C & C is like family, so it make sense."

Companies like Fragments Identity, heralded by 28+ year design veteran Tammy Price, Venice-based luxury bedding co. Parachute Home, Framebridge, and Artfully Walls, deck out the space. 

Veronica says, "We wanted the guest room to feel cool and calm. You can never go wrong with white bedding.... especially in a concrete loft. It really brightened up such an industrial space! The white bedding, and mix of bold art work and rustic side tables, worked well together and gave off such good Cali vibes. Perfect for out of town guests!"

Click through the above photos to take a little tour and check out some of the products used below. 

Fragments Identity: Mali Indigo Blues PillowBlack and White Natural Mud Cloth Pillow, and throw.  

Parachute Home: Percale Venice Set

Framebridge & Artfully Walls: Veronica teamed up the two again in the guest bedroom. Watery Bliss in Irvine Slim White Custom Frame

Photos courtesy of Ala Cortez