5 Tips on Landing The Job You Want (& Then Keeping It!)

Soniya Monga is busy. After helping launch LinkedIn Canada in 2010, she was named one of Marketing’s 2013 Top 30 Under 30. Now based in New York, she's been with the networking company for five years, successfully growing her own brand within its ranks. She's now working on global agency partnerships and spent time cultivating and growing global experience based out of Hong Kong for LinkedIn North Asia. From Day 1 (which she spent grabbing office supplies) to Day RN, Soniya's professional triumphs are impressive including speaking at the internationally recognized One Young World (Davos for the cool kids). Which is why we wanted to find out from her just how to land that dream job-- because she's got know-how in spades.    

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A big part of success is picking which game you’re playing. In the tech industry people refer to this as pivoting, but I think it can apply to careers. If your current plan or company isn’t working for you, pivot to a new one where you can win. Choose to be somewhere where you’ll be valued.

"Choose to be somewhere where you’ll be valued."

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Let yourself see how things become less scary through experience. When I was working at LinkedIn in Asia, doing business in Korea felt scary and was the definition of being outside of my area of comfort. I didn’t know the language, understand the cultural nuances, or frankly feel qualified to have a seat at the table. But trip after trip, the challenge became subsequently less intimidating. It taught me to always to consider your audience and who you’re talking to, and to respect that audience immensely. 


Growing up, I always thought that having a profession was the ultimate pinnacle of success. By calling myself a doctor, lawyer, etc., I was under the assumption that this would be most fulfilling. For some, this is true, and that’s wonderful, but I quickly realized that following passion projects, thinking about ideas and finding a way to package that into a job I love, has been most gratifying. 


Instead be a question asker – asking questions is simply the best way to break through, challenge yourself and the environment around you. I think the art of inquiry is often the most underrated form of expression. Whenever I've asked the most questions being new to a job, team or country, I've found it helpful in breaking barriers and learn 10x faster. Also, know-it-alls aren't fun to be around or work with - give credit wherever you can. 

"The art of inquiry is often the most underrated form of expression."

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Think about picking a career where growth is dependent on the quality of your decisions – this can ensure you’re positioning yourself to over-index for skill vs. time, and can potentially generate a higher pay off. At my time at LinkedIn specifically, I’ve been fortunate enough to work in multiple “start-up like” environments, which meant doing everything from ordering envelopes to talking to CEOs of global companies in the same day. You may not be an entrepreneur in the traditional sense, but it’s important to act like one.

Whether you want to lead and build a company some day or make high impact in your current job, self-improvement is for everyone. There are clearly more than five things you can and should do to optimize for career success, however, making intentional choices throughout your career will hopefully help you land the job you want...and keep it!


Since 2010, Soniya Monga's career journey with LinkedIn has grown exponentially. The maven built their presence in Canada and took the helm as the company's global agency partnership lead. She was also named Marketing's Top 30 Under 30 when she was regional account director for LinkedIn, North Asia. Hear some of Soniya's best tips for building strategic partnerships and how she's been able to expand the brand internationally at her mentor session at Create & Cultivate Dallas.