Create & Connect: Aiming For Success with Michelle Madsen

One look at Michelle Madsen’s Instagram, and you’re immediately drawn into the cool hues and minimalist aesthetic that she’s built for the past 3 years. This is how she’s built her blog, Michelle Take Aim, to look like - cool, calm, and collected, a total reflection of how she is in person. But with her blogging full time, working photo shoots, meetings on top of meetings, and even slotting in time for a trip to Canada, it’s amazing to think that someone who works so hard for their own brand, as well as others, is just so relax. So naturally, we had to get into her mind to see how she deals with the busy trap while still keeping her cool.

“I think one of the biggest things about blogging that makes it hard to juggle is bouncing around from creating content, being active on social channels, meetings, events, travel, editing, writing, etc.. It’s a lot of juggling, all while making life seem pretty seamless and fun! I do blog full-time now and it definitely keeps me on my toes, as crazy as that may seem.”

-Michelle Madsen


You're a full time blogger and owner LOVE NAIL TREE - how to do you balance the two while also doing digital marketing for clients?

Every day is different - whether I’m working on photoshoots and emails, or out from meetings to events, I try to plan ahead and prioritize what’s most important for the day. I’m a big list-maker. I have a ‘master list’ and a daily list… sometimes it’s a little ridiculous. The biggest thing that keeps me bouncing around with blogging is that it’s a few jobs in one. It can be a little overwhelming to jump from creative to social to running the behind-the-scenes side of the business like emails and deadlines.

"I’m a big list-maker. I have a ‘master list’ and a daily list… sometimes it’s a little ridiculous."

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The Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard is the perfect tool to switch from one device to another with the touch of a button, which makes multitasking so easy. What are your best hacks for multitasking?

I just recently starting dividing my month into days where I focus on different parts of my business. For example, I spend a full week brainstorming and shooting content, the next week will be a lot of writing and editing and then I have more free time in my day-to-day to focus on the business end. It’s been a huge help.


What did you do before you became your own boss?

Since out of college I’ve been working mostly for myself. My husband and I have a clothing line, LOVE NAIL TREE, and before blogging I did this full time. Being an entrepreneur has lots of perks but it’s also so hard to turn it off.

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Is there anything these you want to add under your belt for future projects?

I have some ideas in mind - one is starting a brand with a friend. We are in the planning stages! I have also started dancing again and would love to take it on as a bigger project and incorporate into my blog one day.