Create & Connect: Sisilia Piring Works Hard, Cuddles Hard

On set Sisilia Piring is cool, calm, collected. You would never know that the fashion photographer, style blogger, and self-professed adventurer is also a mother of two. Having shot with clients such as Levi's, Reformation, Burberry, and Estée Lauder to name just a few top-notch brands, her work is clean and bright. Plus we love a lady who takes a break during the workday for "cuddles." A bonus of working from home.

Though her work speaks for itself, we wanted to hear from Sisilia herself on why the Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard works with her fast-paced lifestyle. This week on the Create & Connect series presented by Logitech, Sisilia tells us all about what's coming up next, what inspires her, and a former job with a "sassy" boss.


+You’re a full time mom and full time creative. What’s a life hack that works across both jobs?

Staying organized by making out schedules and lists ahead of time. Not really a life hack but this helps me tremendously because it's easy to forget something when you have a fussy child screaming at you!

+Juggling a wide array of clients can make it difficult to stick to your creative vision. How do you jump between clients? And how do you make sure that your aesthetic aligns with a client’s needs?

Typically when a client reaches out it means we have similar aesthetic already, which makes the initial process go by quickly. I usually print out a mood board for all my shoots and keep it handy so whenever I'm chatting with that client I already have a visual of what we have decided on and this makes it easier for me to remember which story goes with what client.

+How does being a photographer benefit you as a mom? And vice versa?

Being a mom has kept the playful side of me alive which in return inspires a lot of my work. A lot of my work right now is colorful, fun, and playful. You can thank my kiddos for that. The kiddos benefit having a mom as a photographer because they typically get the fun props I shoot with and we go on fun family adventures when I'm scouting for locations or when I’m traveling for a shoot. They love being on the road and get so excited in exploring different cities.

"Being a mom has kept the playful side of me alive which in return inspires a lot of my work."

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+What did you do before making the leap to full time photographer?

I was a caregiver to a sassy blind woman for a couple years.


+Do you have any side projects? Or your eye on in the near future?

My husband and I own a mobile screen printing business. It's called The Ink Truck and it's basically screen printing on wheels. We don't design our own shirts but instead offer our services to brands to use as a marketing tool. We are also in the process of building our own creative agency with a couple of our friends. A one stop shop where we offer photography, motion, art direction, graphic design, retouching, and screen printing services.


+Walk us through how you balance your personal and professional life.

I'm not a big phone person so if I don't have to be on it I have it put away. When I'm working from home we have lots of breaks throughout the day for cuddles, dancing, and singing. We also drive down to our neighborhood coffee spot which happens to be next to a park and grab a cup of joe and play with the kiddos.

"I was a caregiver to a sassy blind woman for a couple years."

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+You’re late, you’re walking out the door for a meeting, and your kid spills all over you. You:

Try not to raise your voice and find a new outfit ASAP!


+Van Gogh once said, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” What small things lead you to where you are now?

That photography class in the 8th grade that inspired my love for photography, ditching school so I could play with Photoshop and make my own website, meeting my husband at work, moving to Chicago, dressing up my friends and photographing them.


+When you feel creatively drained, who/what/where do you turn to?

I call my mom, plan a family trip, even if we are going just a couple hours away, meditate, and write.


+How do tools like the Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard keep you streamlined and focused?


It's so nice to have the Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard with me because it makes the process of moving from one device to another seamless, especially when you're in a hurry.


+How many hours of sleep do you need?

All I need is 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep with blackout curtains and I'm good. Ha, that's what I wish for anyway :D