How to Recreate the Look of Create & Cultivate at Home

photo credit: Kelley Raye

Create & Cultivate and High Fashion Home are aesthetically a great fit. And we can never get enough of the vignettes created at our conferences. If we could transport them into our own living rooms, we would. (And you can.) 

We checked in with HFH co-founder Dolley Frearson about the company's presence at C&C, best sellers, and how to transform any room in your house. 

What about High Fashion Home speaks to the C&C girl?

I think HFH speaks to the C&C girl because we offer them the freedom to choose from a large section of high-style and high-design products that caters to her intelligence, creativity, and individuality. The C&C girl knows how to create her own look; she just needs the right selection/mix of products ranging from timeless and modern to bohemian and eclectic. She loves being fashion-forward and different, but the space must be practical and functional as well.
Who is the ‘High Fashion Home' woman? 

She is a confident, worldly woman who loves high-design home décor that suits her modern, eclectic lifestyle. Home décor is important to her because her home/space is her sanctuary that brings her joy and allows her to create memories with family and friends. She loves inspiration and to get lost in her discoveries. Decorating is a journey to her. She is also a savvy shopper who will not compromise on quality and enjoys a seamless, transparent and authentic customer service experience.

"The C&C girl knows how to create her own look."

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We create little vignettes on site at C&C that end up being the most photographed, but what is the best way to update a room? What pieces can we add to create updated “vignettes” at home?

I would say artwork, rug, pillows, and accessories...or any combo of these.
What are your favorite items on the HFH site?
Current faves: Camino Swivel Chairs, Celfie VasesRevelation II ArtworkGigi Mongolian Fur Chair, Gold, Wildwood Candleholder, BrassChloe Fossil Clam Lava Coffee Table, and Solo Dining Chairs
What are some of the best sellers?

Camino ChairAdagio BuffetGigi Mongolian ChairAllura Bench, light grayTeak Block Coffee TableAlexa Desk, GoldTwilight Glow ArtworkAmelia Bed, Duet NaturalWilliam Sofa, Vance EmeraldIan Sofa, Duet Natural, and Miller Sectional, Crevere Cream  

And what makes the store both online and the Houston brick and mortar unique?

What makes our online store and brick and mortar unique is our carefully curated selection of furniture and home décor accessories and how we create room ideas to inspire our customers. Our store is 125,000 square feet and four stories and for those who have shopped in our Houston store, they will tell you that is like a home décor mecca. It would take hours to walk through the store which is a good thing and a bad thing. But the best part is our layout and merchandise mix. We really love to mix it up and it's our goal and mantra to inspire our customers. It's wonderful when you hear first-time or long-time customers say that our place is so inspirational and their favorite place to go and wander. It's so flattering because we know how important their time is and the fact that they want to spend it in our "home"...that just makes me feel so proud of our work and our team.
We are also very proud of our wonderful manufacturing partners and eco-initiatives. We take the time to seek out products made from salvaged or sustainably harvested wood, plant-based materials, recycled fibers, and USA-made upholstery. About 95% of our upholstery products (sofas, sectionals, beds, chairs, etc.) are bench-made in the North Carolina. We are also committed to our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation; For every piece of furniture sold at our store and online, we plant a tree -- so far, that's over 120,700 trees planted!