Links We Love: Sarah Paulson on Late Success, 2017 Resolutions & Teen Vogue for the Win


Are you home for the holidays? Need something to read on the plane, or rather, when your great aunt Tilly retells the story of how she walked 45 minutes in the snow to get to school? 

We've got you. Pick up your eggnog and click. And say hi to you mom, dad, and Auntie T from us. 

Who needs Forbes 30 Under 30? Not Sarah Paulson. Why is the American Horror Story actress saying that you shouldn't succeed early?

Harvard researchers have found that female doctors who care for elderly hospitalized patients get better results.

Need something to read to your nieces and nephews before bed? 12 feminist children's books for dismantling the patriarchy. 

Ta Nehisi-Coates and why he's a big believer in chaos.

Everyone give a collective awwww. NY Mag giving us some real life Love, Actually. 

Boss ladies like Lea Michele and Lauren Conrad are sharing their #2017resolutions. 

This Ohio lawmaker who is actively working to ban abortion has never thought about why a woman would want an abortion. His words. 

If Donald Trump is gaslighting America, Teen Vogue is making it hard to gaslight America's youth. 

2016 is nuts. Samantha Bee sat down with Glenn Beck. 

Uber is apparently spending $1.55 for every dollar it makes. Time to cut their losses and run? Prob not. They like driving.