3 Mantras You Need to Say in the Morning

Repeat after me: you are more than your job, more than your 9-5, more than that paycheck. 

It’s not uncommon to get caught up in the whirlwind of work. There are meetings and coffee dates, presentations to buildout, Keynotes to edit, and brands to partner with. Are you still there? Have we lost you in your coffee cup? We know it takes hard word, determination, and more than a handful of late nights and early AMs.

Sometimes the need to keep up can get us down. Especially when we feel like we’re falling behind and losing sight of work-life balance. But Michelle Wahler, co-founder and CEO of Beyond Yoga encourages women to embrace who and what they are right in this moment-- “perfect.” 

We’re using a few of Beyond’s core values as mantra to remind ourselves to stay balanced, positive, and that we are more than what it says on our LinkedIn profile. 


Beyond Yoga’s mission is to empower and celebrate women, just as they are. Which means having the confidence that you can handle whatever lands on your desk or in your inbox. 

There is power in simply telling yourself you can do it. Whether in the morning before heading out the door, or taking a mid-day break to breathe in these words. 


What you do matters, both in the office and out. More often than not, we put our interests andhobbies on the back-burner when we are consumed by work life. But when you feel better, your ideas are better. 

The energy you bring into your job seeps into your work. Taking care of yourself and nurturing who you are as an individual is just as important as taking care of business at work. Not only will it help you be more productive, but by taking time from your day to celebrate the things that make you who you are outside of the office will keep you inspired as well.


This is not a chicken and egg issue. When you bring good vibes into your work, you will feel rewarded by the end result. You will look at what you’ve produced and feel excited to share and carry it out into the world. You are beyond your work, because that when that work makes a difference, it goes into the world. 

So, as you're reading this now, take some time to go to that spin class you've been meaning to hit up for weeks. Pick up the hobby you haven't practiced since you started your new job. Schedule your Sunday as family time.