A 10-Minute Workout for Your Busy Career


Which means there are plenty people clocking hours that don’t allow for an after work barre or yoga class or spin session. So where does one find the time to fit in a workout while working toward their dreams? Anywhere. Your office, your living room, in a hotel room. Whether you work from home, meet with clients coast-to-coast, or hold court daily at an office, you’ve got to move while you make moves.  

Working out is proven to improve your mood and increase productivity. And can help fend off everything from jet lag to post-lunch crashes. So grab some water, a co-worker, and maybe that free conference room, and follow along with this ten-minute workout from barre3 Founder Sadie Lincoln. It's one of our favorite do-anywhere workouts. Oh, and if you still need to put some bass in your day, click through to the barre3 x Create & Cultivate Playlist.

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