A Double Take With The Beckerman Twins

Twins: they share the same birthday, the same room growing up, and sometimes, they even share the same clothes. For Cailli and Sam Beckerman, it’s all that and more. 

As OG bloggers since 2009, the Beckerman twins have shared their eccentric style with the world via Beckerman Blog. And although their style may stray away from being serious, these girls mean business in the world of fashion, online and offline. 

We spoke to the stylish and eccentric twins from the 6ix on their move from designers to bloggers, splitting the finances of their blog, sibling rivalry, and how they make blogging look so easy. (Spoiler alert: it’s not.)

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You’re designers turned bloggers. Both are tough businesses, capital T. Why did you decide to cross-over?

We were always photographing our own look books and making our own video's for our clothing line. We also kept fashion scrapbooks, pictures of our fittings and fashion shows, and journaled everything!  So blogging was really the next step for us. It was just putting it all on an online platform so everyone could see!

Any plans to go back to the design world?

Never say never! We both have our BFA’s, but really enjoy blogging! 

What’s another area you’d like to expand into?

We are writing and illustrating a children's book! 

If you went your separate ways, what would that look like? 

That's a cute question, and one that is very hard to say! Because we were wombmates, we enjoy hanging out and working together. However, we both have our separate things and hobbies we like to do.

For college kids looking for internships— you both landed some pretty stellar gigs, with Bottega Veneta and Marc by Marc Jacobs. How do you stand out as in intern candidate? What did you do to land the jobs?

We both cold called them and gave them our resumes! It was a lucky situation, but when Cailli interned for Oscar de la Renta, it was through F.I.T (Fashion Institute of Technology) that she did for credits for a class. 

How do you keep your blog life and your real life separate?

We keep our boyfriends and dating life not on social media. It makes it easier to have something personal. That's not to say, it's always going to be like that, but it makes it easier to have a relationship. 

Since you have a blog together, how does it work from a creative perspective? Who vetoes what? 

We both are always 1000% in to what we do and talk a lot about our opportunities together. 

What was the first big fashion invite where you screamed— internally or externally— with excitement? 

When we got invited to Dubai with Chanel to see their resort show! It was a trip of a lifetime!

You’ve been blogging since ’09. What some changes in the blogging world that took a minute to get used to?

It really depends on what apps are being created and how social media keeps changing! Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Snapchat changed everything when they came out. So always being in the know of the new apps! 

Where do you see the fashion blogger world heading? 

It's really an exciting time for bloggers and influencers! The possibilities are endless! 

In defense influencers, what do you have to say people who think you don’t work hard?

The only way people really know how hard a blog is to keep and maintain is when they start one themselves. It's a real compliment when people think we don't work hard because it means we make it seem effortless. It is a lot of fun!

Who is someone you’d kill (with kindness obviously) to work with?

We are working with our most favorite people and friends already! Wait... does Ryan Reynolds count? 

Sibling rivalry, ever? Or nah?

Naaaaaaaah! It's too much energy to fight!

Favorite social platforms?

Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest