Links From Our Group Chat: Minnie Driver Slams Matt Damon & We Applaud All Black Women


Feminism. It's the word of the year, according to Merriam-Webster. #trending. According to the wordsmiths, Merriam-Webster said "feminism" was the most looked-up word in its online dictionary, with the term generating 70% more searches than last year. 

So how do we make sure that this continues? Maybe not treat gender equality as a trend. 

Would you ride a gondola to the Hollywood sign? DVF and her husband are looking into it. 

Thank you black women. Thank you black womenThank you

Thank you Salma Hayek for so explicitly detailing the abuse of power. 

Ugh, but no thank you on this. We like our internet the way we like our winter wardrobe: neutral.

Also, no thank you on this many Diet Cokes.  

Russell Simmons started a #notme hashtag. & Matt Damon did an awful lot of mansplaining this week, but Minnie Driver wasn't havin' it. 

Conde Nast's newest online publication that focuses on queer youth is called them.