Life Doesn't Wait for Allergies


More than 50 million people in the U.S. suffer from allergies! And that’s why we gathered in New York with the makers of ZYRTEC® to talk about spring beauty, and how to put your best face forward, even if you suffer from allergies. Panelists included: actress Jordana Brewster, Create & Cultivate founder Jaclyn Johnson, College Prepster founder Carly Heitlinger, and Alex Thomas, a trained cosmetologist and the founder of Learning to Be Fearless. 

Relying on the expertise of moderator and celeb makeup artist Jamie Greenberg, the crew chatted everything from their spring beauty trends to allergy symptoms and biggest allergy challenges. 

Shared Jamie, “I started working with ZYRTEC® five years ago to talk about ALLERGY FACE® - you know what I mean - watery eyes, the red nose and the puffiness that come along with allergy symptoms. Women – and men – face these beauty challenges all across the country during allergy season and we want to help. Over the years, I’ve created many tips and tricks to combat ALLERGY FACE® beauty challenges – such as using waterproof mascara to combat watery eyes. I’m excited to share some of those with you today, alongside my fellow panelists.”

“Plus,” Jamie added, “I am digging everyone’s lipsticks.” *A bonus for all.*

Now, the overall consensus was that life doesn’t wait for allergies. Nor does work. 

Jaclyn shared “I’m on a flight every other week, in a different city with a different climate.” She’s always battling the elements, if you will. “With Create & Cultivate, we do so many events and a lot of those are outside and they are six to eight hours long.” Jaclyn said that for her, “it’s really about what’s going to stay the course for the entire day.” Her go-to is concealer under the eyes to hide the exhaustion during event weeks and ZYRTEC® to keep the her allergy issues at bay. 

Actress Jordana Brewster, is also someone who knows the perils of traveling for work, but, as she shared, she also has to keep up with her kids. “I have two sons and my youngest does not stay inside ever, especially as soon as spring hits,” she said. “We go to the farmer’s market every week, we love going on hikes-- we’re always outside. That means I need my ZYRTEC® for relief.  ZYRTEC® relieves my symptoms and makes me feel so much better. It starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when I take it again the next day, staying consistently strong day after day.”

The women also talked about tricks they use to stay on top of their game, even on their worst days. 

Alex shared her tricks for putting her best face forward. “I get super watery eyes when my allergies are acting up. I pile on the falsies to make my eyes appear more open,” the YouTuber explained. “Now with magnetic lashes, its super easy to apply without the mess! When all else fails, also love a bold red lip – it really helps distract from any ALLERGY FACE® challenge you’re experiencing!” Alex also shared what trends she’s excited about for spring. “I am very into a glowing look lately. This spring, let’s go with the glow and some color.” 

Carly had her own take on tips. “I'm all about letting your natural beauty shine through! So, when I'm suffering from allergies, I try to keep my beauty routine simple and effortless, while still correcting some of the things I'm self-conscious about. Waterproof mascara is a must for watery eyes, tinted moisturizer helps even out redness, and a dab of green corrective concealer around my nose helps me return to my normal look!”

The College Prepster founder also joked that she was sick of snow and excited to see “the light at the end of the tunnel.” However, that doesn’t mean that she’s out looking for a tan. “I have to make sure that all my products have SPF. It’s the one think I look for in everything I use from powders to foundation.”

Jordana admitted that since she can’t put on false eyelashes, she, like Carly, loves piling on the mascara. “But if I don’t use waterproof it ends up everywhere.” The actress also shared her “beauty musts.” 

“My biggest challenge is puffiness and there are a few ways I deal with that,” the actress and mom shared. “I enjoy a quick steam on days when my skin is looking especially puffy. My favorite trick is to boil a bowl of water, cover my face with a washcloth and then hold my face over the bowl to let the steam reduce puffiness. I also love a good eye mask!”

What are your tips and tricks for dealing with ALLERGY FACE®? Share in the comments below!