Why Your Self-Worth Can't Be Attached to Your Blog

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How do you put your best face forward? It's a question that has been on our minds a lot as we've traveled from Miami to Dallas talking with influencers and beauty bloggers moving the needle forward in the beauty industry. 

It's why we hit the road for the Create & Cultivate x Clinique “Best Face Forward” panel. Not only so attendees could receive makeovers and test out the Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer, but so that they could also get inspired by our panelists. Dallas didn't disappoint. 

C&C Marketing Director Heather Records was joined onstage by 5 amazing women, who know all about the pressures of a public persona. 

Courtney Kerr, is the blogger and influencer and editor of KERRently, a website that showcases her personal style, beauty tips & tricks, favorite recipes, interior design inspiration, travel diaries, & shopping inspiration.

Stephanie Taylor Jackson is a fashion and lifestyle blogger, stylist and content creator for brands.

Ashley Robertson is the founder of The Teacher Diva, a Dallas-based blog about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. 

Amanda Miller is the founder and Dallas-based blogger behind The Miller Affect.

Kate Padgitt is the founder of the fashion blog Lonestar Southern.

They all had their own nuggets of gold to drop. Read through to get inspired by some of our favorites. 


“My self worth can’t be attached to my blog. It can’t be attached to how many followers I have or how many likes I get.”-Kate

“You have to accept that some people are going to like you and some people are going to think you taste like soap.” -Courtney Kerr

“There might be people throwing stones, but guess what? Their arms are going to get tired.”-Courtney Kerr


"It’s a photo and you don’t know what went into it. Don’t let it make you feel little.”-Kate

“I want my followers to follow me because they like who I am.”-Amanda Miller

"When I'm feeling like Stephanie, when I feel like me, that's when I feel the most beautiful." - Stephanie Taylor Jackson


“It’s all about getting rest and making sure to have to have a balanced meal in order to truly put your best face forward.”-Steph Taylor Jackson

"I love experimenting with the latest brands latest products."-Courtney Kerr 

"Beauty is something that I just started diving into late last year, but I'm really enjoying it."-Stepahine Taylor Jackson

'For me, beauty means confidence. There are days where I'm not feeling it, want to put on sweatpants and eat an entire pint of ice cream. I felt like I woke up feeling like Wayne's World. But it's all about confidence. If you fake it, it can allow your confidence to shine through. But also what you feel inside, is what comes out on the outside." -Courtney Kerr 

"Anything that inspires me, I find the beauty in."- Kate