Why You Need a Mid-Year Check In


We see you, working on that self-improvement. It’s not only for New Year’s resolutions. It’s a process and it takes time. So if it’s time for a mid-year check-in-- you know, the spring cleaning of the body and the mind, we have some good news. 

We’ve got the boost you need. Supermodel Elle Macpherson developed the Welleco superfood and protein powders with her partner, nutritionist Dr Simone Laubscher. 

Not surprisingly there has been growing popularity around the Welleco Super Elixir and the Welleco Nourishing Protein, the brand’s hero products. In part, because the benefits are numerous. But also because combining the two products can boost your metabolism and kick-start healthy living. Which, is exactly what every busy working woman needs. 

A little about both products: The Welleco Super Elixir is an alkalizing green mixture with four different probiotics that focuses on a healthy gut. It’s made using cold-pressed bio live ingredients and has a whopping other 45 key ingredients, such as kelp, pomegranate, turmeric, that help restore your body’s pH levels.

The Welleco Nourishing Protein is an organic protein powder made with sprouted brown rice, pea protein, and Peruvian cacao. It's vegan but contains all nine essential amino acids like those found in red meat, eggs, chicken, and fish.

Everything is backed by science, and driven by nature. 

11 Benefits of this Super Elixir


1. Reduce Stress

Who doesn’t want that? All of us. There are so many reason you should reduce your stress, but we’re going to focus on one. Stress levels increase cortisol levels. And if you have high cortisol, you have some stress reduction to do. Unfortunately, cortisol levels are highest in the AM, right around the time you have your 8:00AM coffee. And coffee happens to contribute to high levels of cortisol.  Replacing your morning coffee with a Super Elixir shake will not only release your stress, but it also might keep you from reaching for the coffee pot. 

2. Fight Off Fatigue 

Is that a yawn we see? We know we just told you about cortisol and caffeine, but don’t fret yet. The Super Elixir can provide energy for your brain and body body.  Plus, the 9 essential amino acids in the Nourishing Protein are essential for ramping-up endurance and energy. 

3. Blast Bloat

The pre and probiotic boost in both the Super Elixir and the Nourishing Protein help keep your intestinal tract healthy, which in turn keeps that belly from bloating. 

4.  Help Sort Skin Issues 

Many Super Elixir drinkers have reported that their skin has improved after a week+ of incorporating the Super Elixir into their routine. The truth is stress affects your skin and your collagen production. So, in reducing your stress, you’re also improving your skin. Glow on girl. Plus, the nourishing protein has skin-boosting nutrients, vitamin C from Rosehip to boost collagen and acai and pomegranate for antioxidants. 

5. Reduce Inflammation 

Inflammation is brought on by stress (stress increases cortisol which increases inflammation), environmental factors (smoke, pollution, sun), diet, lack of sleep (when you are not getting good sleep your body is fatigued, which puts pressure on your organs resulting in inflammation). The Super Elixir hits all of these pain points. Specifically, its turmeric ingredient is high in curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory properties. 

6. Balance the Body pH Level

Our bodies are pretty great at maintaining the pH of our blood. But outside factors like poor diet, alcohol, and pollution can affect the acid-blood balance of our blood. Keeping a good pH in the body is crucial to feeling good. And the Super Elixir has both whole food and superfood ingredients formulated to nourish our bodies at the cellular level. Its alkalizing proprietary green blend supports pH balance. 

Speaking of feeling good… 

7. General Feel-Goods 

Between the digestive enzymes in the Nourishing Protein which help support metabolism when combined with diet and exercise. Plus it’s packed with pre and probiotics which help keep our guts balanced and plush with the right kind of friendly bacteria. And f your gut feels good, the rest of you follows. 

8. Maintain Your Immune System

You don’t have time to get sick. When combined, the maitake and shiitake mushrooms in the Super Elixir help maintain your immune system. And when you’re shaking new hands and making deals happen all day, you want to stay healthy. Turmeric also has immune boosting properties and the ability to combat bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

9. Get Yourself a Brain Boost 

The Omega 3s in the Super Elixir assist in cognitive function. So instead of hitting the coffee bar for your 3pm slump, try to eliminate the slump altogether. 

10. It’s a Slump Buster!

Feeling groggy and in a slump? Dandelion Leaf is often used as a caffeine-free coffee option. Which means it can bump you right out of that slump. It also contains vitamins A, C, and K, plus a dose of calcium and potassium. 

11. Digestion Aid 

Psyllium husk is a non-soluble fibre that aids digestion. It is also responsible for helping lower cholesterol levels in the body and lowering glucose levels too. Moreover, it will keep ya regular. (Which reminds us about an important article we wrote on that very topic.) 


So now that you’ve read about the benefits, it’s time to try it yourself. And guess what? We are teaming up WelleCo so you can win 90 Days of WelleCo Super Elixir greens. Click here to enter to WIN.