How This Charleston Mom Makes Time For Summer Fun


Simple summer pleasures are upon us. No matter what your job, summer is the season of FUN. But work does not wait for summer -- unfortunately. With the bulk of the summer ahead of us (YAY!), we're teaming up with Old Navy to tap on-the-go moms across the country to find out how they squeeze more fun out of summer in their cities - while keeping that to-do list managed and inboxes at a minimum. 


Charleston blogger Chassity Evans of Look Linger Love walks us through her charming summer habits with her two kids below. 

How does your family “squeeze more fun” out of summer?

Luckily, in Charleston our summers seem to go on forever with plenty of warm days. We make the most of  weekends and try not to let any day go by without doing something fun! We love to grill outside, go on a bike ride, and make popsicles. One of our favorite weekly traditions is to hit the local ice cream shop, Old Village Pharmacy, for some laughs and to really connect about things that are on our minds.



As an entrepreneurial mom, there’s a lot of pressure to be plugged in + online. Why is it important to you to make family memories in the summer?

I love my iPhone and my online communities - they keep me connected with friends and family and give me a creative outlet, but as a mom of two young kids who are growing so quickly in front of my eyes it's more and more important to me to be present in the moment. During the summer I get so many more hours of the day to spend with my kids, and I want them to be filled with memories they recall fondly. They're still at that magic age where they love being around me, so I have to soak it up!

Do you have any favorite summer traditions? What is your go-to activity for summer fun with the family?

In the summer we love to swim in our pool, go out on the boat, hit the beach, and eat A LOT of ice cream from Old Village Pharmacy. Sometimes even for breakfast. 

Vacations are wonderful but they can also be hard work to plan. Do you have any family vacay planning tips?

We love an easy vacation. The kind of get away that has plenty of down time so we can go with the flow of our moods and energy level. Having a slow morning inside can be just as much fun as rushing out to an activity. If we are staying in a hotel it 100% has to be kid friendly, otherwise none of us will relax. We have a home in the Bahamas and that is definitely our favorite place to get away to. We know the area and know what we want to do so as soon as we get there we can hit the ground running. As for a travel tip, I've learned that when traveling with kids you really can't pack enough clothes!

Having a slow morning inside can be just as much fun as rushing out to an activity.

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What can the workplace do to help families inject more FUN into their summer?

I think offering more 3 day weekends or half days would open up families for more short getaways, staycations, and activities!

When you’re not on PTO, how do you keep the family fun going at home in the summer?

We connect over meals at fun restaurants, playing a game in the backyard, or inviting over neighbors. Going for a bike ride is an easy way to share family time!

What are your summer fun hacks?

I should be asking you all this question! I'm no Martha. But I will say that MadLibs will take you far. Remember those little fill in the blank books from childhood? My kids go crazy over these and they're great in the car or at a restaurant!

How do you squeeze more fun out of summer with your family? Let us know in the comments & join the conversation using #unitedstateoffun on social!




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