Dadsplaining Our Jobs

Photo via  @lmferreira3

Photo via @lmferreira3

DADS. You gotta love em. This Father's Day, the Create & Cultivate team asked our dads to explain what we each do for a living. Their responses were perfectly adorable.

If you're putting in some quality time with Dad this Father's Day, we highly recommend giving this a spin.

JACLYN, CEO & Founder

“Promote the women in business through electronic media.”

TYEAL, Marketing Coordinator

🤔‘Creating and cultivating’ brands for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Helping little people have big presence in our digital online Universe. 🤗

NIKIA, SR. Producer

“Ok - this is what I've been able to gather:

You go to trade shows all across the country and set up exhibit booths for your companies customers. The customers hire the company that you work for to take care of the logistics involved in setting up and taking down of the booths.

You make all if the important decisions. They don't make a move with out your input 😊”

HEATHER, Digital Marketing Director

"Professional social media and blogger."

NATALIE, Team Coordinator

“You help plan, organize and manage events that your company does.”


Happy Father's Day to strong dads who champion their daughters by teaching them that strength, independence, and fierceness aren't gendered traits. 


Ask your old man and share his response with your title in the comments below!