99 Black Women-Owned Brands and Entrepreneurs to Support Now and Always

January 31, 2021
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Over the past year, women started an average of 1,817 new businesses per day in the U.S., and Women of Color account for 89% (1,625) of those new businesses. In fact, according to the State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, Black women-owned businesses represented the highest rate of growth of any group in the number of firms between 2014 and 2019 as well as between 2018 and 2019.

When looking at specific minority groups over the last five years, growth in side-entrepreneurship is up 99% among Black women. They started an impressive 42% of net new women-owned businesses, which is three times their share of the female population (14%).

This study calls the women behind these rapidly-launching businesses “necessity entrepreneurs” because, due to higher unemployment rates, long-term unemployment, and vast gender and racial pay gaps, women of color start businesses out of the need to survive. And these Black female entrepreneurs are changing the game but they’re not the first.

In fact, they’re walking in the footsteps of many brave, risk-taking necessity entrepreneurs in history. In the 1850s, Clara Brown established a laundry business during the gold rush and used her money to invest in real estate developing properties that allowed black communities to live safely. Annie Turnbo Malone paved the way for Black female cosmetologists and created jobs for over 75,000 women worldwide with her beauty enterprises. Maggie Lena Walker was the first Black woman to charter a bank and help our people protect our coins. The list goes on and on.

Below we’re shining a spotlight on women whose businesses you can support and celebrate today and every day.

Lalah is an author, spiritual writer, and wellness educator who has been a force in the self-care space, encouraging and empowering us all to mindfully care for ourselves with her Vibrate Higher Daily platform.

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Buy Her Book: Vibrate Higher Daily: Live Your Power

Trinity was only 23 when she launched her wellness line, Golde and now it’s stocked at Goop and Urban Outfitters and continues to fly off shelves. Her phenomenal success is why we celebrated her achievements as an honoree in the small business section of our CC100 list this year.

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Bea Dixon, CEO and Founder, The Honey Pot Company

After suffering from bacterial vaginosis for months, an ancestor gave Bea Dixon the ingredients to heal herself in a dream. She created the formula for an effective, clean feminine wash and it worked! She’s now sharing her revelation with the world via The Honey Pot Company—the first complete feminine care system, powered by herbs™.

At just 26 years old, Candace Reels has created a movement. Born out of her passion for activism and intersectional feminism, the Female Collective is now a thriving digital community empowering women to come together, tell their stories, and bring awareness to the issues that matter to them most. Reels also launched a clothing line that features powerful phrases and messaging from the platform. We look up to Candace because she turned a personal project into an important space for the women who needed it most. It’s also why we honored her on our 2019 CC100 list so be sure to read the interview and support.

Naj Austin, Founder and CEO, Ethel’s Club

Named after her grandmother, Ethel Lucas—a matriarch figure in a tightknit community—Ethel’s Club continues her mission with a purpose-driven space for People of Color to heal and thrive through conversation, wellness, and creativity.

If you’re in need of guided meditation, are curious about crystals, or are seeking herbal and holistic wellness rituals, then Hell Notes for Beauty is your new go-to. Jessica’s platform is the premier metaphysical destination for the strong-willed, inspired, and determined soul. “I am dedicated to the solitary practitioner seeking to establish spiritual independence, self-care, and recognition of ancestral knowledge.”

Jaimee Ratliff, Founder, Yoga With Jaimee

The Atlanta-based certified yoga teacher is a passionate advocate of the ancient discipline and credits the practice for getting her through life’s challenges. While she believes wholeheartedly that yoga should be accessible to everyone, the community at large has lacked diversity and her hope is to provide an inclusive platform both on a local and global scale.

Jordan James and Shaniece Vincent, Co-Founders, Goddess Culture Podcast and Wellness Retreats

Jordan and Shaniece aim to empower and encourage their listeners to embrace their inner Goddess through a dialogue that inspires self-love, self-care, and self-actualization.

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Dr. Jerrica Dodd, CEO, and Founder, Your Pharmacy Advocate

Dr. Jerrica Dodd launched Your Pharmacy Advocate with a mission to add a human touch to pharmaceutical care and improve lives through patient engagement, provider partnerships, and education.

From pollution to phone notifications, the fast-paced world is around us isn’t exactly relaxing and can cause potential health risks. So Nadine Joseph took healing herself (and others) into her own hands with Peak and Valley—plant-based elixirs to enhance your beauty, mood, and mind.

Rashia Bell and Iva Bravic Millereau, Co-Founders, RE.VITYL

After meeting at a wedding reception in Bali, 2010, Rashia and Iva discovered their mutual love for natural, quality products with a sustainable foundation. So they partnered up to launch a wellness startup, RE.VITYL—products infused with elemental energy by Biocrystal® to promote relaxation and tranquility. “We truly believe in the re.laxing and re.storative powers of native plants and stones and their ability to bring about true wellness, harness positive energy, and enhance your quality of life.”

Veladya Chapman, Founder, Earth Mama Medicine

While working as a professional actress, Veladya attended the Institute for Transformational Nutrition to become a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and she now helps heal people from all over the world through her books, educational YouTube videos, personalized wellness plans, and public speaking.

Cheryl Sutherland, Founder, PleaseNotes and, res-o-nate strategies

Taking a risk, Cheryl Sutherland left her job and focused completely on building her self-confidence and nurturing her inner gifts through journaling, reading, and working with affirmations. This personal growth led to her company, PleaseNotes focused on providing personal growth tools and leadership programs.

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Charlesha “Charli” Harris, Founder, ChasingTransformation

After struggling with insecurities that stemmed from poor health, and lifestyle choices, Charlesha Harris turned “potential poison into passion to educate, lead, and motivate others to be the best versions of themselves” with her ChansingTransformation health and fitness platform.


Business Name: Jamie Clarke, Founder, Soul Paradigm
What They Do: Reiki, lifestyle and healing coaching, tarot, self-care packages, and more.
Website: SoulParadigm.com
Instagram: @thesoulparadigm

Business Name: VGN AF—Wellness Redefined.
What They Do: Wellness is a journey, not a destination. VGN AF was launched to help you get to your best version of wellness and health with the best quality sustainably-sourced products to provide visible results over time. Their platform addresses healthy foods, vegan recipes, immunity, weight loss, healthy skin and hair rituals, gut health, mental clarity, healing, stress release, and increased energy.
Website: shopvgnaf.com
Instagram: @vgn_af

Business Name: Dr. Caroline Robinson, Founder, Tone Dermatology
What They Do: Board-certified dermatologist and Chicago native, Dr. Caroline Robinson specialize in general, medical, and surgical dermatology.
Website: tonedermatology.com
Instagram: @tonedermatology

Business Name: Magnolia Yoga Studio
What They Do: A community-based space to practice and strengthen the mind-body connection through hot yoga and meditation.
Website: magnoliayogastudio.com
Instagram: @magnoliayogastudio

Business Name: Mia Cola, Founder, Fancy U Fitness
What They Do: Workouts you can do to keep in shape at home, outside, or wherever you are in the world.
Website: Fancyu.net
Instagram: @fancyufitness

Business Name: Sunny Brooks, CEO, and Co-Founder, TJ Brooks, Spiritual Shop
What They Do: Sunny Brooks is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Healer, Herbalist, and Aromatherapist. TJ is a healer, teacher, and artist. She creates natural, spiritual, and metaphysical art. Since 2017, they have been spreading joy, peace, love, and positivity with their products and education to create a movement that inspires a lifestyle filled with soulful vibes.
Website: soulfulvibesco.com
Instagram: @soulfulvibesco

Business Name: Alicia Richmond, Founder, A-Rich Nutrition
What They Do: After she was diagnosed with scoliosis, Richmond started her own research into supplements that helped ease her symptoms and weren’t filled with chemicals, fillers, or harmful ingredients. And so, A-Rich Nutrition was born offering a wide range of quality-assured food supplements from trusted suppliers from around the world.
Website: arichnutrition.com
Instagram: @arichnutrition

Business Name: Felicia La Tour, Founder, MindfulFee
What They Do: Renowned makeup artist, Felicia La Tour took the plunge a year ago to launch her own business, MindfulFee. Now it’s a thriving community of women who come together around the same mission, to live well, intentional lives while sharing the experience collectively. Be sure to check out her vibe box and order yourself one before they sell out, again!
Website: collectivelymindful.com
Instagram: @mindfulfee

Business Name: Sweet Mason
What They Do:
From soft gels to bath salts and even candles, Sweet Mason is a mecca for high-quality CBD-infused products for every concern on your path to health and wellness.

Business Name: Curls Vitamins
What They Do:
A vitamin-infused haircare line to boost the strength and vitality of your hair.

Business Name: Victoria McAbee and Jasmine Lee, Co-Founders, Whimsy Official
What They Do: A modern wellness and beauty atelier focused on plant alchemy and conscious luxury.
Website: whimsyofficial.com
Instagram: @officialwhimsy

Dietitians Wendy and Jessica are on a mission to make health and wellness more inclusive, diverse, and accessible. To help fill the void for healthy recipes made with ingredients that are both accessible and affordable, Lopez and Jones founded Food Heaven in 2011.

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Buy their book: 28-Day Plant-Powered Health Reboot: Reset Your Body, Lose Weight, Gain Energy & Feel Great

Mignon Francois, CEO and Founder, The Cupcake Collection

Since planting its roots in 2008, Mignon Francois’ business savvy has earned her the titles of “Woman of Legend and Merit” by Tennessee State University, “Emerging Business Leader of the Year” and Black Enterprise Magazine “Family Business of the Year Award”. And it’s easy to see why. Her handmade cupcakes draw lines around the block for their iconic flavor unlike you’ve ever tasted before. She has bakeries in both Nashville and New Orleans but The Cupcake Collection also ships nationwide. Ordering is just a click away! Just shop online and choose shipping as your fulfillment option at checkout.

Idil Farah, Founder, IdilsWorld

A practicing nutritionist for over 10 years, Idil Farah draws on the “medicine as food” philosophy and traditional holistic practices to promote overall wellness. She aims to make healthy eating fun and enjoyable and doesn’t believe it has to be expensive, time-consuming, or a struggle.


Business Name: Nayana Ferguson, Owner, Anteel Tequila
What They Do: A premium tequila brand based in Detroit that produces the world’s only coconut lime blanco tequila as well as a blanco and reposado expression.
Website: AnteelTequila.com
Instagram: @anteeltequilas

Business Name: Hawa Hassan, Founder, Basbaas
What They Do: Somali hot sauces, handmade in small batches, bottled, and sourced in the Hudson Valley.
Website: BasbaasSauce.com
Instagram: @basbaassauce

Business Name: Denise Woodard, Founder and CEO, Partake Foods
What They Do: Gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO cookies free from the top eight allergens and made using clean ingredients. Flavors range from chocolate chip and cookie butter to birthday cake.
Website: partakefoods.com
Instagram: @partakefoods

Business Name: Robin and Andréa McBride, Co-Founders, McBride Sisters Collection
What They Do: Founded by sisters Robin and Andréa, McBride Sisters Collection is the largest Black-owned wine company in America.
Website: mcbridesisters.com
Instagram: @mcbridesisters

Business Name: Jenné Claiborne, Founder, Sweet Potato Soul
What They Do: Vegan chef, blogger, YouTuber, and author of “Sweet Potato Soul: 100 Easy Vegan Recipes for the Southern Flavors of Smoke, Sugar, Spice, and Soul.”
Website: SweetPotatoSoul.com
Instagram: @sweetpotatosoul

Business Name: Milan Durham, Owner, Cultured Kombucha
What They Do: A kombucha company brewed out of Washington D.C. that believes all communities should have access to and knowledge of internal health and wellness.
Website: TheCulturedKombucha.com
Instagram: @theculturedkombucha

Tonya Rapley, Founder of My Fab Finance and Muhturnl

Tonya “The Millennial Money Expert” Rapley’s lightbulb moment for launching My Fab Finance was sparked by a personal need. As a millennial living in New York City and working for a non-profit, Rapley wanted to break the cycle of living from paycheck to paycheck but couldn’t find a financial resource tailored to millennials—so she created one. 

Buy her book: The Money Manual

Tiffany Aliche, Founder, The Budgetnista

As an award-winning teacher of financial education, Tiffany Aliche has quickly become one of America’s most regarded personal finance experts. Her mission? To empower women and provide them with access to the tools and resources needed to create a better life for themselves and their families.

Her financial movement has helped over 800, 000 women worldwide collectively save more than $100 million, and pay off over $75 million in debt, purchase homes and transform the way they think about their finances.

Sharon Beason helps emerging and early-stage female entrepreneurs get the clarity, resources, and actionable steps you need to plan, create, launch, sustain, and grow their business successfully and profitably. So if you’re ready to stop wasting time and start seeing results, join the Womaneur Collective today.

Shontay is here to remind us that black people need sunscreen too—and we’re here for it. From later diagnoses, black people have lower survival rates for skin cancer. Shontay has designed the solution.

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Cashmere Nicole was a single parent, struggling to make ends meet before she founded the hugely successful, Beauty Bakerie. In 2001, she was a teen mom putting herself through college, and after graduating, she became a nurse to support her daughter, Jasmyn. While raising her daughter and working as a nurse, Nicole would dedicate the second half of her day to developing her makeup business. Now she is inspiring women everywhere with her incredible story and game-changing products.

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Victoria Fazio, CEO and Founder of Propa Beauty

Victoria took the leap from her corporate career to create Propa Beauty in a bid to energize and encourage women to be confident leaders in their own fields. “Makeup is powerful and it’s about time it’s marketed as an arsenal which goes beyond just getting cute. I want women to look their best on the outside, but also to feel their best on the inside.”

Her career began in the corporate world, but after she became frustrated with the lack of diversity and excessive chemicals, Melissa Butler decided to launch her own and disrupt modern-day beauty standards in the process. Even after being faced with doubters during her appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank (and ultimately rejected) Butler went onto create The Lip Bar because everyone deserves to have their own perfect nude lipstick—period! Now she is a huge success and her massive community agree.

KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson, Co-Founders, Mented Cosmetics

The idea for Mented Cosmetics happened like most great business ideas: over a glass of pinot! Friends, KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson were sipping and discussing why it was so hard to find the perfect nude lipstick. And the idea for starting their own was born. “We believe every woman should be able to find herself in the world of beauty, no matter her skin tone. We know you’ll love being put first because when it comes to beauty, no one deserves to be an afterthought.”

CEO, Sheneil Monique and Co-Founder, Nicolette Camille, Base Butter

Sheneil and Nicolette’s mission was simple: to create easy skincare for oily and combination skin types while helping women feel comfortable in their skin. And they achieved it. They’re easy-to-use products yield results through simple formulas that safely improve the overall health of the skin for immediate protection and long-term results.

Tuanieha Twanna, Founder, Sonshine Bath

After Tuanieha’s son, Tristan James (who she refers to as her “Sonshine”) was born, she started making his soaps and body butter at home so she could guarantee they were safe for his skin. A year later, she launched the brand to not only help secure Tristan’s future but also provide other small businesses like hers by donating a portion of the business profits to other small businesses in the form of microloans through kiva.org.

UOMA Beauty was founded by Nigerian born, LA, and London-based former beauty executive, Sharon Chuter to redefine the rules of inclusivity and diversity. Listed by WWD one of the 50 most forward-thinking executives shaping the future of the beauty industry, she believes that “beauty starts the moment you decide to be yourself. We exist to re-write the rules of inclusivity and diversity to create a world of beauty that truly is for all of us.”

Lisa Price, Founder, Carol’s Daughter

Lisa Price’s iconic brand started as a hobby in 1993 when she would put her own spin on recipes she found in a DIY book. From essential oil-based perfumes and body products, Price would whip up magical beauty concoctions in her kitchen. Now she has built an empire with Carol’s Daughter, is stocked in a host of major stores like Target and Ulta, and counts celebrities like Jada Pinkett Smith (one of the companies’ earliest investors) Halle Berry, Mary J. Blige, and Dascha Polanco as fans.

Myleik Teele, Founder, CURLBOX

After she “went natural” more than 15 years ago, Myleik clearly remembers driving 20 miles to buy an expensive product that she read had “worked on everyone.” But after several times of using it, she found it didn’t work for her and it sat under her sink for years. So, she started curlBOX as a means to save you the drive and the money. “curlBOX gives women the opportunity to try several products for the price of one!” Now, that’s a mission we can get behind.

Inspired by lip masks she discovered on a trip to Tokyo, Kristen Noel Crawley set out to make her own, but this time she swapped artificial ingredients for collagen, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid. Since it’s launch, KNC Beauty has a sparked cult-following of beauty devotees who love the pink stretchy lip-shaped masks with major fans including Kim Kardashian, Luka Sabbat, and Emma Stone. The line has since expanded into star-shaped eye masks and lip balms. Read her interview as an honoree for CC100 in 2018.

Lesley Thornton, Founder, Klur Cosmetics

If you’re after clean, ethical, and inclusive beauty, KLUR is your answer. After giving personalized treatments as an esthetician for nearly a decade, Lesley Thornton took her approach to skin health and turned it into a skincare line that prioritized minimalistic regimens to deliver multiple benefits and long-term results.

Nancy Twine, CEO and Founder, Briogeo

It was while she working as a Goldman Sachs finance executive that Nancy Twine realized she wasn’t living her passion. Inspired by her grandmother’s beauty recipes and a natural chemist team, Twine eventually took the leap to launch her own natural hair care line, Briogeo.

Karen Young, Founder, Oui the People

It seems all good business ideas are Inspired by a need or in Karen’s case a frustration. When she couldn’t find the right shaver, Young created her own by raising the bar and changing the shaving experience for good. In 2014, she designed a product line of three razor styles and accessories, including a lavender-scented shave oil and an ingrown relief serum. Now, she’s inspired a movement.


Business Name: Jasmine Lewis, Founder and CEO, Vie Beauty
What They Do: A clean beauty and skincare line dedicated to providing exceptional products that give you a renewed sense of self-confidence.
Website: theviebeauty.com
Instagram: @viebeautyx

Business Name: Yewande Masi, Founder, Ornami Skincare
What They Do: Zero-toxin, zero-drama skincare that keeps it 100.
Website: ornamiskincare.com
Instagram: @ornamiskincare

Business Name: Brittney Ogike, Founder and CEO, BeautyBeez
What They Do: A modern beauty supply shop offering a curated collection of natural hair care, beauty, skincare, wigs, braiding hair, and extensions.
Website: beautybeez.com
Instagram: @beautybeezstore

Business Name: Rochelle Graham-Campbell, Co-Founder and CEO, Alikay Naturals
What They Do: Premium all-natural and organic hair care and bath and body products designed to moisturize dry hair and skin while promoting faster and longer hair growth.
Website: alikaynaturals.com
Instagram: @alikaynaturals

Business Name: Kenyata Gant, Founder and CEO, Pink Lipps Cosmetics
What They Do: Vegan and cruelty-free lip products (think: glosses, liquid lipsticks, lip balm, glow gloss, and more).
Website: pinklippscosmetics.com
Instagram: @pinklippscosmetics

Started on the ‘gram; now she’s selling out of clothes—to the likes of Kim Kardashian and Karrueche. Now, Briana has grown a huge community online who have rallied around her innovative designs.

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You might recognize some of Kashmir’s art from the iconic HBO series Insecure. Her products bring life and color to iconic black images.

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Tricia Hash, Founder, Tree Fairfax

Tree Fairfax is a handmade minimal leather goods line made by Tricia “Tree” Hash. The self-taught creative based in Roanoke, Virginia wanted to create leather goods that are long-lasting with timeless designs that will “hopefully change how you move about the world.”

Aliya Wanek, Founder, Aliya Wanek

Exploring the connection between one’s identity and style, Aliya Wanek creates comfortable, stylish clothing ethically and sustainably as an extension of the wearer’s individuality. If not sewing the garments herself, Aliya works with a production sewer and other local contractors in the Bay Area to produce and dye her garments, always taking into consideration ways to reduce the brand’s environmental impact.

Areeayl Goodwin, Founder, Beads Byaree

Designer, Areeayl Goodwin makes her whimsical dreams a reality with her handcrafted jewelry line. Born and raised in Philadelphia PA, she now resides in Brooklyn, NY and has a line of clothing to accompany her jewelry designs.

Katherine Theobalds, Founder, Zou Xou

Zou Xou was created and founded in New York City by Katherine Theobalds. While she went to fashion school with the intention of becoming a clothing designer, her love for unique shoe designs had her walking a different path. After a trip to Buenos Aires, she was inspired by the artistry of local Argentinian shoe design and went on to launch Zou Xou in 2015.


Business Name:  OMA the Label
What They Do: OMA the label, founded in 2018 by New York-based fashion stylist Neumi Anekhe, creates pieces for the woman that is intentional about the choices she makes and wants to wear pieces that make her feel empowered and confident. In an effort to represent Women of Color, the brand is focused on challenging homogenous industry standards, while creating quality and affordable pieces for the everyday woman.
Website: omathelabel.com
Instagram: @omathelabel

Business Name:  Fanm Djanm
What They Do: Fanm Djanm, which means “strong woman” in Haitian Kreyol, was founded in 2014 as a collection of eight head wraps, which Paola Mathè sold directly from her apartment on the weekends. Today, Fanm Djanm has transformed into a headwrap collection and lifestyle brand that creates sustainably, focuses on community and serves to both empower and inspire women to live boldly. The combination of carefully selected fabrics, hand sewn pieces, and cultural musings inspire women everywhere to wear a bold print, take command of a room, laugh a little too loud, and pursue their greatest aspirations.
Website: fanmdjanm.com
Instagram: @fanmdjanm

Business Name: Chari Cuthbert, Founder, BYCHARI
What They Do: Established in 2012, BYCHARI is a reflection of designer Chari Cuthbert’s approach to life and style. Effortless, unique, and modern, each handmade piece is designed for women who appreciate simplicity but demand luxury. Handmade sustainably in Los Angeles, Cuthbert and her team remain committed to supporting local small businesses so that each BYCHARI piece can be worn with confidence.
Website: bychari.com
Instagram: @bychari

Business Name: Stephanie Thomas, Founder and CEO, Cur8able
What They Do: Stephanie Thomas uses fashion as a tool to challenge negative perceptions about people with disabilities (PWD) by providing disability fashion styling, content creation, and coaching/consulting services.
Website: cur8able.com
Instagram: @cur8able

Business Name: Nichole Lynel, Founder, Shop Nichole Lynel
What They Do: In 2019, Nichole Lynel launched her eponymous fashion brand, Shop Nichole Lynel. Her glamorous yet affordable Shop Nichole Lynel pieces, ranging in price from about $50 to $250, are coveted by “glamorous girls on the go.”
Website: shopnicholelynel.com
Instagram: @shopnicholelynel

Marriage is a journey. When Codie Elaine Oliver approached the docu-series, Black Love with fellow filmmaker and partner, Tommy she wanted to pull the curtain back on how a relationship blossoms and the daily realities of marriage. This is a warts and all film that shares the ups with the downs and highlights true love stories from some of our favorite black couples.

Bonnie Smith, Founder & CEO, Studio B Entertainment

Studio B is a diversity-driven, woman-owned brand experience agency that specializes in producing consumer, influencer, and retail customer experiences for women, by women. CEO and founder, Bonnie Smith is an industry pro with a 17+ year career in the marketing and media industry as a brand and agency marketer. She has partnered with brands such as Pampers, COVERGIRL, and more as well as top media brands including ESSENCE, PEOPLE en Español, and Entertainment Weekly magazine.

As New York’s first web-series festival, NYC Web Fest has brought together a diverse group of people from around the world to showcase the best of the web. And they hope to turn the festival into the premier home for digital producers to showcase their talent, network with other artists, and learn from industry insiders.

Kathryn Finney, Founder, Digital Undivided

Founded in 2012 by tech pioneer, Kathryn Finney, Digital Undivided aims to help high-potential black and Latinx female founders through the startup pipeline, from idea to innovation. They develop innovative programs and initiatives that catalyze economic growth in Black and Latinx communities to create a world where women own their work.

Camille Hearst, Co-Founder, Kit

Camille created Kit to develop a community to discover, discuss, and, deliver interesting products for activities like traveling, DJing, cooking, cycling, and more. In 2018, KIT was acquired by Patreon and Camille now serves as Patreon’s Head of Product and as a General Manager.

Evonya Easley, Founder, Styled by Love E App

Evonya helps busy professionals curate their wardrobes and personal style to be the best version of themselves from the boardroom to the bar all through her mobile app. She conducts virtual style consults, personally shops the outfits, and delivers the clothes to you, too.

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Business Name: Blex
What They Do: The first and only mobile app providing sex and relationship coaching for Black adults.
Website: blexapp.com

Cynthia Watkins, and Kathryn Burnett, Co-Founders, HarperIman Dolls

HarperIman Dolls was created in 2017 by mother-daughter duo, Cynthia Watkins, and Kathryn Burnett with one mission in mind: “to help reinforce how beautiful and strong our children are by providing them with positive affirmations of themselves that they can identify with,” they told POPSUGAR. “We found that dolls of color are underrepresented. There aren’t many choices, and the ones available do not accurately represent our different skin tones and hair textures. Our children are left playing with and trying to identify with dolls that look nothing like them. We wanted to change that.”

Felicia Osbourne, Founder, PerfBaby

PerfBaby is an all-natural, organic, vegan skincare line for babies and children. Like many moms, Felicia Osbourne created the brand after having her son and realizing a lot of brands out there had toxins or chemicals. After doing some research, she got into the kitchen and made the first iteration of what is known today as PerfBaby, safe and natural products to help soften and moisturize delicate skin.

Ruth Martin-Gordon, FOunder and CEO, Coddle

When Ruth Martin-Gordon was preparing for her first child, she was given a lot of information on pregnancy but what she couldn’t find was what to expect after giving birth and how to care for herself during recovery. She wants to help other moms who felt “clueless” like she did how to take care of themselves post-birth by creating a community around shared struggles and empowering each other with information, awareness, and empathy.


Business Name: Brooklyn Lighthouse
What They Do:
When Zaneesha couldn’t find apparel for her two little boys that were full of brights colors, besides gray, dull gray, bright gray, and black, she decided to do something about it. By combining her passion for shopping and fashion visual merchandising, she began reselling clothing for children on social media. By 2013, at the peak of Instagram, Zaneesha began to build what would become Brooklyn Lighthouse. By staying true to her core audience of Boy Moms, Zaneesha has built Brooklyn Lighthouse into a on trend children’s apparel shop. The main goal of Brooklyn Lighthouse is to provide parents with a wide range of cool clothes for their children at affordable prices. As the brand continues to grow, the products practice inclusivity with unisex options.

Business Name: Lucy Lue Organics
What They Do:
Lucy Lue Organics has one goal, and that is to grow a successful and purposeful business built on love, happiness and family: It’s at the heart of every thing the company does. By offering a sustainably and ethically-produced collection of modern organic baby clothes with fabrics that are environmentally friendly from seed to seam and beautifully, minimally designed, Lucy Lue Organics proudly presents the perfect blend of style and comfort that is not harmful to Mother Nature or your baby’s sensitive skin.

Karen Okonkwo, Founder, TONL

Representation is at the core of Karen Okonkwo’s work. She launched TONL to provide stock photography that featured images of diverse people and their stories around the world. This powerful combination of photography and storytelling can help humanize and hopefully diminish the stereotypes and prejudice against black and brown people, especially. They are committed to showcasing the ethnic backgrounds of everyday people. And the Nigerian-American social entrepreneur believes anyone can do this. “If you don’t see what you want—anyone who has a skill set, be that change,” she told us in her CC100 interview. “Start your own Facebook group or start your own meetup, or agree to mentor one person, that’s how we create that cascade of people. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help, either. That knowledge is there for you to take.”

Ryan Norville, Founder, Oat Cinnamon

A native New Yorker, Ryan Norville found herself in the floral industry by way of graphic design and photography. Now she’s taken her inspired designs from the screen into real-life crafting beautiful floral designs. She works with a small team of talented designers and freelancers to offer services in New York, Los Angeles, and beyond.

Shop her floral designs.


Business Name: Her Market
What They Do: Indie brands are taking the world by storm providing not only a different buying experience but more clean, ethical products for consumers that are conscious about what they’re putting in and on their bodies. These brands have the freedom to do business on their own terms however, it can also be a little more challenging whether it’s with finances, branding or manufacturing. Where there was once a void, Her Market offers a platform and resources for indie brands to be discovered and thrive. From curated, in-person experiences connecting them to the marketplace to educational programming, Her Market vows to shine a light on her and her brand.
Website: thisishermarket.com
Instagram: @thisishermarket

Business Name: The Black-Owned Market
What They Do: What started as pop-up market to gather Black-Owned brands in New York has grown into a shopping destination for people to interact and shop with Black business owners. Generating over six figures for Black business owners within just a year of existing, it was evident that the BOM needed to exist. From detailed curation, unmatched design, and connections that last a lifetime allow us to introduce you to your new favorite can’t live without products!
Website: ourbom.com
Instagram: @ourbomdotcom

Business Name: Favornirs
What They Do: Favornirs is an online full-service gifting business that specializes in perfecting the art of giving through deep reflection. The goal is to provide functional and fun gifts while providing a facile and flawless gifting experience for all. Gifts help memorialize special moments and times in our lives, so by using the art of gifting to trigger deep reflection through the creation of offerings, the brand is dedicated to the achieving that moment of joy & true reflection. Favornirs handle sourcing valuable, yet beautifully packaged products, logistics, crinkle paper and the perfect bows, while you sit back, relax and focus on your craft. By operating virtually, Favornirs serves a wide range of clients.
Website: favornirs.com
Instagram: @favornirs_


LaRayia Gaston, Founder, Lunch on Me

This Los Angeles-based nonprofit is dedicated to ending starvation while providing opportunities to enrich the mind, body, and spirit of LA’s homeless community. LOM Brings nutritious and organic meals to skid row six days a week, every week and now reaches 10,000 people a month. They redistribute organic food that would otherwise be wasted in order to create delicious and quality meals. And their initiative goes beyond food to include yoga classes, community parties, and healing gatherings for women.

Jewel Gould, Founder, Balanced Women

The non-profit, Balanced Women curates spaces and initiatives for women who wear various “hats” while encouraging them to lead wholesome and purpose-fueled lives. Their recent initiative, Sister-Sister assists the community with essentials, along with the tools and resources for further education.


Business Name: Olympia Auset, Founder, SÜPRMARKT
What They Do: A non-profit organization aimed at making fresh food easy and affordable for the people living in low-income communities in South Los Angeles, a community that has 1.3 million residents but only 60 grocery stores.
Website: SÜPRMARKT.la
Instagram: @supr.mrkt

Business Name: Evelynn Escobar-Thomas, Founder, Hike Clerb
What They Do: An L.A.-based intersectional womxn’s hike club and 501c(3) that’s dedicated to equipping womxn of color with the tools, resources, and experiences they need to collectively heal in nature from Los Angeles and beyond.
Website: hikeclerb.com
Instagram: @hikeclerb

Home Décor

On a journey of self-discovery, Sydney Noble created The Noble Brand Candle Co. in 2016. “Not only did I understand that I am royal, but also that all of those around me are royal too!”

Brittiny Terry, Founder & Chief Interior Stylist, Effortless Composition

Brittiny had an obsession with interiors, fashion, and décor since she was very young so after a move from the fast-paced San Francisco life to Los Angeles, she decided to explore her passion. Effortless Composition is all about providing elevated home décor that is rich in aesthetic and doesn’t skip out on artisan quality. She also offers personalized styling sessions so you can learn how to decorate with her stunning pieces.

Chantal Bradley, Founder, Modish Décor Pillows

Chantal Bradley started Modish Décor Pillows in 2015 and has since had them featured in West Elm stores across the country and on television. Her pillows help you achieve that modern effortless look in any living or workspace.


Business Name:  House of 40
What They Do: At House of 40, the mission is to provide the healthiest best scented performing candles that are handmade in New York with only the highest quality ingredients, finished in a beautiful box gift wrapped black and white ribbon for your pleasure. These energizing candles are meant to light up the corner of your space, while you show compassion, love, and light to others every day
Website: houseof40.com
Instagram: @houseof40ny

Business Name: The Coy Collection
What They Do: The Coy Collection offers a variety of ceramic wares that make you feel good, connecting functional artwork to self-love and care. A lil reminder that your body and home are worthy of smiles, love, and warmth.
Website: thecoycollection.com
Instagram: @thecoycollection

Business Name:  Harlem Candle Co.
What They Do: Founded in 2014 by travel and lifestyle expert Teri Johnson, the Harlem Candle Company is the manifestation of her love affair with fragrance, jazz, and Harlem. Each candle is specially handcrafted using a soy vegetable wax blend, infused with one of a kind fragrance oils, and tells a story while taking you on an olfactory journey. The subtle scents and soft glow from Harlem candles instantly enhance your space while creating a sense of comfort and luxury.
Website: harlemcandlecompany.com
Instagram: @harlemcandlecompany

Business Name:  Awkward Auntie
What They Do: What initially started as a place for Awkward Auntie to share her thoughts and experiences as an auntie (through blood AND love) turned into a different kind of creative outlet. In the second half of 2018, Awkward Auntie began using cement as my medium to create fun planters and candles. Turns out if she’s now not creating something with her hands, she’s not happy. Since then, she’s been making candles, planters, soap dishes, trays, and more!
Website: awkwardauntie.com
Instagram: @awkwardauntie

Business Name: UNWRP
What They Do: UNWRP was founded in 2017 by Ashley L. Fouyolle, a multidisciplinary designer, who started the company in a small bedroom of her Brooklyn apartment. Her love for art, fashion, vibrant colors, unique patterns, and the gifting experience naturally led her into the world of luxury gift wrap where all her favorite things came together. Today, the brand is one of the most popular, Instagram-worthy, luxury gift wrapping companies having been featured in Forbes, Essence, Refinery29, TeenVogue, People, Apartment Therapy and more!
Website: unwrp.com
Instagram: @unwrp

Business Name: Effie’s Paper
What They Do:
Effie’s Paper believes that from the door to her desk, a woman should be surrounded by pretty things that make her heart leap! The brand’s products are a unique mix of casual elegance, motivation and social conversation that make using them fun and engaging. Although named after Kalyn’s grandmother, Effie’s Paper is not your grandmother’s lifestyle brand!

Business Name: Stephanie Summerson Hall, Founder, Estelle Colored Glass
What They Do: A luxury brand of hand-blown colored glass cake stands and stemware in a mix of jewel tones and soft pastels made by glass artisans in Poland at a glass-making company with a rich 100-plus-year-old history.
Website: estellecoloredglass.com
Instagram: @estellecoloredglass


Taylar Colyar, Founder, Sip Shop Eat

Dissatisfied with her experience as a vendor in New York City, Taylar Colyar decided to launch her own event specifically catering to the entrepreneurs behind the brands. Sip Shop Eat launched in April 2017 as a curated marketplace and it’s quickly grown to three major cities. It is now a community-based platform for brands big and small to connect, share, promote, and network with like-minded entrepreneurs.

This list is just the beginning and we will continue to update it with more Black female-owned brands and entrepreneurs over time. Please let us know of brands you think should be included here in the comments below.

This post was originally published on February 10, 2019, and has since been updated.


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