Our Go-To App to go From Boss to Best Dressed Guest This Season

As working women, we all know that convenience comes first when it comes to most things. In the beauty department, that rule of thumb applies as well. Think about it, who has the time to dedicate an hour to styling and perfecting an everyday makeup or hair look? We bet the answer is slim to none. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean that we should sacrifice feeling our best for dedicating more time to our work schedules. Not now, not ever. 

What if we told you that amping up your beauty look could be made a whole lot easier and you won’t have to do a thing? If you don’t believe that it’s true, then you’re wrong. Yes, you can get an A-list look in the comfort of your own home, without breaking the bank, and without worrying about strict time constraints. And if you’re wondering why allow us to explain how you can get your hair and makeup did while catching up on emails, conference calls, etc.  

Meet the Glam App

The Glam App is beauty on demand--literally. If you need the help of experts when it comes to your own glam, then this trusty app has got you covered and right from the palms of your hands. Glam App offers services from full red carpet-style makeup to everyday blowouts and simple nail polish changes. Seriously, whatever is on your beauty radar can be done via Glam App, especially when you don’t have the time to handle it for yourself. However, that’s not all. 

We’ve partnered with Glam App because it’s embodied in the convenience that we’ve been looking for. The prices are budget-friendly because looking and feeling your best shouldn’t burn a hole in your wallet. On the other hand, it’s beneficial for anyone who’s looking to work as a stylist or makeup artist on the app. If you’re a beauty aficionado and have the skills to share with the world, the Glam App gives you that work-life balance that is so important. Glam App allows stylists to act as freelance artists, which means setting their own hours, building clientele and managing schedules and appointments. 

Oh, and did we mention that you can book a service immediately? Yes, you read that right. For those days where you have little to no time on your plate to worry about beauty, you can still pencil in a quick service. Stop waiting on everyone else’s schedules when you don’t have the time!

If you’re looking to upgrade your glam this season in and out of the office, consider trying Glam App for all of your needs. It’s fast, affordable, and filled with a roster of professionals in the beauty industry, so what are you waiting for?

We could all use a little beauty TLC, and Glam App has got us covered.