Create & Cultivate 100: Entertainment: Aidy Bryant


 photo credit: Mary Ellen Matthews NBC

photo credit: Mary Ellen Matthews NBC

Dogs will always make her laugh and her grandma thinks she's funny.

So do the unprecedented number of people who tune in Saturday Night Light every week to catch Aidy Bryant and her cast mates. 

An American actress and comedian, Aidy got her start in Phoenix, Arizona. By that, we mean she was born there. She then moved to Chicago to study comedy with Second City, before joining SNL at age 25, making her one of show's youngest cast members ever. 

And has made herself known for skits like, "A Girl's Halloween," and her portrayal of Sarah Huckabee Sanders. "We did it girls!" she shouted in a recent cold opening, about the women's march in Huckabee's classic middle party and too-tight-around-the-collar pearl necklace. Aidy herself is not a pearl clutches. According to a recent profile on The Cut, she prefers crystals, or as she calls them "rocks." 

Here's to Aidy rockin' it on SNL's 2018 season. More from the funny woman below. 

What lit your funny fire bone?

My parents are super funny. So there was always a lot of laughing in our house, I think I just put a value on that very early on.

Does your grandma think you're funny?


As one of SNL's youngest joining cast members, what would you say to our audience -- most are young, entrepreneurial go-getters who get a little scared sometimes...?

I was hired at 25. Which I'm grateful for. By that time I had been working in comedy professionally for about seven years. I felt like I had trained and put in the hours to know that even if I wasn't experienced in television I trusted my instincts.

"Even if I wasn't experienced in television I trusted my instincts."

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Since you recently told The Cut that you turn down a lot of roles because they are offensive, do you think you'll take matters into your own hands and write a feature?

Maybe. I love to write. But I'm working on other projects right now. I really love television, I love that you get to stay with a character for more than just a few hours. So maybe!

Who would be your go-to writing partner?

There are lots of people in my life who I've loved writing with. I really could never choose one.

What's been your favorite SNL skit?

I love doing music videos. I really loved making "Back Home Ballers" and "Twin Bed" and "Wishing Boot."

You and stylist Remy Peace are working on the beginnings of a fashion line. When might we expect that to come out?

We don't have an exact date yet. But we are planning on some time in 2018.

What would you call your superpower?

Picking up on other people's feelings and vibes. I'm a good people reader.

What's something that will always make you laugh?