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In case you needed yet another reason to lament the fact that you weren’t born French, enter the effortlessly-iconic Garance Doré, Parisian fashion blogger living in Manhattan. Chronicling stylish women on her namesake personal blog since 2006, the dynamic writer, illustrator and photographer has recently rebranded and expanded as Atelier Doré—a lifestyle website and creative studio devoted to cool women, inspiring people, and “the art of life.” From a one woman show to full-fledged (and self-funded!) media site, Doré’s approachable and amiable take on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle have made her both an addictive household name and accidental guru.

Read on to discover what keeps this creative tour de force grounded, inspired, and living in the moment.

Where do your drive and passion come from?

I want to live a free and creative life.

When you run into a career obstacle, what drives you forward?

Keeping grounded in myself and trusting my dreams.

"I want to live a free and creative life."

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What is your biggest pet peeve?

People taking my phone charger :)

What are your biggest fears about running a business?

Letting my business run me.


What's something you'd like people to know about your job that they probably don’t?

Some of most important things are the things we don't do and don't talk about.

IYO-- How can we stay original when we are so saturated by other people's work?

By staying grounded in our true desires.

What about your career makes you feel the most complete?

That it allows me to grow and change.

If you had to trade jobs with anyone else in the world, who would it be and why?

No one, except maybe Kelly Slater.

At what point in your career did you find the confidence to really take charge and become the woman you are today?

There is no specific point. It's an ongoing process and it's never-ending.

What's the best advice you've ever been given? Or your favorite piece of #realtalk?

To stop overthinking.

When you hit a big bump in the road, how do you find a new road or a detour?

Like in martial arts, I try to use any force (positive or negative) to learn and grow.

What song do you sing in the shower when you’ve had a bad day?

Feeling Good by Nina Simone.

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