How This Wedding Company Is Defying Tech Industry Norms

Weddings and tech. It's the perfect union. From simplifying the wedding process to making the entire process more productive, it's easy to say "I do," to the concept. Plus, tech nerds should get excited as VR makes its way into the planning process. (More on that below.) 

For all other needs, wedding planning starts here, with WeddingWire. So does progress in the workplace. Ranked as one of Washington's Best Places to Work, find out why this company is solving problems for couples as well as their own employees. 

Let’s start simple! Weddings and tech. How do the two work together? 

Consumers have had online resources for many things over the years. You could plan a vacation, decorate a house, find a doctor, or order a car to pick you up with just a few clicks, but people had difficulty planning and finding wedding vendors online. WeddingWire, the leading global online destination for couples looking to get things done throughout their wedding planning process, creates and leverages technology to support the way couples experience all other things in their daily lives. This use of technology meets couples and wedding vendors where they are online, making wedding planning a more streamlined, convenient and productive process. 

How has WeddingWire simplified the process of getting married?

Whether couples choose to tackle their wedding planning tasks on their desktop or on their mobile device, WeddingWire provides the most in-depth information (including a database of over 200,000 vendors and 3 million consumer reviews), inspiration and planning tools, to help them make choices and feel confident in their selections. WeddingWire’s various educational resources, like the wedding date guide, provide valuable information and education to couples to help them be more informed when reaching out to vendors, and features such as WeddingWire’s customizable wedding geo-filters, allow couples to personalize their big day in a fun and convenient way. 

It feels natural to take the wedding process online. What are some of your best tips and solutions for engaged couples?

Set your budget: Couples tend to underestimate how much they’ll spend on their wedding by about 40 percent, so it’s important for couples (and anyone else contributing to the wedding) to discuss and set a budget early on. WeddingWire’s budget tool helps couples organize all their costs, planned and unexpected. Need more information on what to expect? Check out the WeddingWire Budget Guide

Do your research: Do your homework to ensure you work with vendors that fit your budget and understand your vision. WeddingWire allows couples to search, compare and book from an extensive database of over 200,000 vendors. Plus with over 3 million reviews available from recent newlyweds, couples can feel confident and empowered to make the best choice when it comes to selecting their wedding vendors. 

Enjoy the planning process: Be sure to celebrate your #JustSaidYes moment and take some time to enjoy being engaged to your partner. Browse WeddingWire for inspiration, involve friends and family, and have fun with the experience!

The tech space is predominantly male. Some people say it’s a pipeline problem. And yet 40% of WeddingWire’s product development team is women (when the average is 18%). Why was hiring a female team important to WeddingWire? 

WeddingWire’s primary goal is to hire the best talent. The best talent are those that bring a diverse group of thought to the company. Without diversity, you are not looking at business problems from all perspectives and therefore, unable to provide the best experience for all users. Women are a huge part of that diversity in thought and we are committed to ensuring they have an equal voice at the table, as well as equal leadership opportunities within the organization. 

"Without diversity, you are not looking at business problems from all perspectives."

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Additionally, while we are a tech company focused on the wedding planning process, we organically attract diversity across all genders not just women. WeddingWire defies gender generalizations even when the wedding industry is typically thought to be female-dominated: founded by four non-white men, 40% of our product development team is female (vs the average of 18%).

How did you go about finding the talent?

Referrals from current employees are one of WeddingWire’s most valued recruiting methods. The WeddingWire team is deeply proud, committed and motivated and their recommendation for personal and professional contacts to join our team, is the greatest way to find the best talent. Additionally, the strength of WeddingWire’s talent brand supports our hiring efforts. With its unique employee experience and regularly ranked as one of Washington’s Best Places to Work, WeddingWire is able to recruit competitively for top talent. (Interested in applying, learn more at!) 

What are your thoughts on the “pipeline” issue?

WeddingWire is proud of the diversity in its application volume which enables us to hire the best talent for the roles across the product and tech organizations. We have seen a notable increase in the interest of all individuals to secure positions in the tech industry; however, we would love to see more early education in technology. We know this would only continue to further roles in the tech industry as a career option for young women! 

How else does WeddingWire support women in tech?

WeddingWire’s culture is about overall inclusivity. Not just for women, but for everyone.  We promote a culture of flexibility for all employees. This can be highlighted specifically with working parents as they transition back to work after parental leave. Additionally, coaching is an essential part of WeddingWire’s leadership programs. Through the Manager’s Certification and Leadership Development Programs, WeddingWire is dedicated and encourages mentorship. 

What have you seen in tech world that excites? Both for your own platform and for women developers? 

Sara Zalowitz, VP of Product Management, is very excited by the advancements in 3D videos and Virtual Reality. These technologies open a whole new world for how users consume content, and it is particularly exciting in the Wedding Industry as it allows for couples to truly see how a venue looks before reaching out. It can be a true game-changer. 

Photo credit: WeddingWire Instagram