Our C+C Community Can’t Get Enough Of This Game Changing Haircare Line—Here’s Why

We get it. Facing a situation that seems to have no solution can be frustrating. Just like when something doesn’t go your way—feeling a lack of solution and control is not ideal. But with a little bit of knowledge-dropping and female support, we can really take on anything. The female community we pride ourselves on being a part of is all about support, confidence, and education. And hair care company, DevaCurl, identifies with the same philosophies.

In 1994, DevaCurl provided the hair care industry with long-awaited solutions for curls. Women with seemingly stubborn, curly hair, were finally able to embrace their beautiful locks with these curl-enhancing products. We love strong, confident women who embrace their natural selves and brands that do too.

But we aren’t the only fans of DevaCurl—our C&C community can’t seem to get enough of these products. How do we know that? Well, we went ahead and asked how DevaCurl helps them to embrace their hair—you’ll love their responses. Read on to see for yourself how people feel beautifully confident just the way they are.

Lynzie Marie

“I love DevaCurl, as a consumer and as a professional. I’m a hairstylist working with clients in the salon, specializing in natural texture, as well as an educator for DevaCurl. It’s an amazing brand.”

Safia Alice

“DevaCurl has not only helped my curls feel healthy and moisturized, but they have me looking like a million bucks.”

Phylicia Anne

“Their products have helped me embrace my natural hair. My curls can be so unpredictable but DevaCurl has helped tame the frizz and create more definition in the curl for more bounce.”

Shannon Varcoe

“I had straight white blonde hair growing up and then in middle school it started to get wavy and is now full on curly. It took years (and some really unfortunate haircuts) but I finally have frizz free but still soft and not crunchy curls because of DevaCurl products. My curly hair has definitely become my signature now. I fully embrace my curly mane and love how easy it is to style my hair each day.”

Amanda Thibodeaux

“DevaCurl has definitely helped my hair stay hydrated and I love the travel packs for when I jetset.”

Sasha Rincon-Camacho

“DevaCurl is a godsend. I’ve always loved my naturally curly hair, but so many of the products I’ve used in the past always made my hair too crunchy, sticky or heavy. Then entered DevaCurl and just like that I had found the perfect formula from shampoos and conditioners to the serum and hair oils, etc. They have been a #gamechanger for my hair, keeping it shiny, light and looking absolutely flawless; no other products on the market have even come close.”

Alexandra Hill

“Growing up, no one I knew had curly hair. My dad had curls but he wasn't much help when I needed to tame my hair. Once he even took me to get a perm in the hopes that it would help with frizz (it didn't do anything, like anything at all). In college, I finally started seeing women with curly hair in magazines and hearing about salons dedicated to curly hair. They all used DevaCurl. I got my own bottles and over 10 years later, I'm still a fan. My current favorite is the DevaCurl SuperCream.I always get compliments on my curls and the scent.”

Maia Alejandro Arcella

“Omg I loooove DevaCurl. After my postpartum shedding I started wearing my hair curly again after 10+ years of straightening only. The first products I bought were DevaCurl and I’ve never loved my natural curls more.”