Five Glo Getter Looks From Our NYC Conference

At Create & Cultivate, we believe glowing happens from the inside, out. For us, it’s less about physical attributes and more about your  inner charm. We’ve all been privy to the light someone brings when they enter a room with confidence. Now that’s a glow we can get behind. But how does someone tap into that fountain of assurance? Well, self-confidence is all about believing in your ability to succeed. Once you begin to nail that, you’ll glow all day long and achieve your goals. ability to succeed.

But there are some smaller steps you can take to ensure you glow with confidence every day and it can be as simple as maintaining a daily self-care ritual that sets you up for success. Taking time to care for your skin is also instrumental because when you feel good in your skin, you naturally exude confidence. Because let’s face it, with all that hustle and hard work, we need to give our minds and bodies the love they deserve.

Setting aside some time to apply your regimen of serums, creams, or oils is a great way to prep yourself for the day ahead and allow you to unwind that night. We are also convinced that healthy skin makes for the ideal canvas to apply your makeup too. And for those who opt out of makeup, your skin care ritual is the key to achieving naturally beautiful skin. So where does that leave you? Looking for the best possible skin care products the market has to offer and hoping for cutting edge, natural ingredients.

Ingredients like squalene. Yup, you heard it right. Squalane. A natural compound you have probably never heard of,  but will soon not live without. Squalane is an oil that reacts well with all skin types. Not many oils can say the same. Whether you are acne-prone or embracing mature skin, Squalene will replenish your natural skin barrier and provide it with the moisture it needs. *Que radiant, glowing skin*. Biossance skincare has based its products on the all the magic squalene has to offer. Our favorite? Nylon Beauty Hotlist and Glamour Beauty award winner, Biossance Squalane + Mineral SPF 45. Why just moisturize when you can protect your skin from the sun at the same time?!

You’ve probably heard the words, “look good, feel good” at one point or another. While we adhere to this catchy phrase, we also believe feeling good will inevitably make you look good. So take all the time you can to love yourself, your skin, and your mind. The pay off? Glowing from the inside out.

In the spirit of this message, we captured  five of our favorite glo-etter looks from our NYC Conference. Take a look below!