6 Simple Steps to Gallery Wall Your Office Space

So you want to create an inspiring office nook? A gallery wall that gives you the mid-day spark you need to fire off inventive ideas. A good piece of art in the right spot can do that. Which is why Artfully Walls, an online curated art marketplace that helps you fill your space with affordable art, is breaking down 6 steps to making that happen. 


1. Don't become overwhelmed, really focus on art that makes you happy. This wall, nook, space above your toilet (legit anywhere) is for you. No one else. 

2. Combine different types of work. Think: one photograph, one oil/acrylic painting, one portrait, and something geometric. (But there really are no rules.) Color outside the lines if you dare. 

3. If you're afraid to put holes in the wall, don't be! You can use 3M Command strips to hang prints - they don't destroy walls and let you play around with positioning. 

4. Level up and use one. iHandy Level is an easy app that will make sure you're hanging everything straight. 

5. If combining multiple frame colors gives you major art anxiety, start with simple white, black, light wood finishes. 

6. A "gallery" wall doesn't have to be top to bottom. It can be three pieces that each speak to you. You don't even have to hang them. 

See the below for inspo! And check out the Gallery Wall section on their site where you can rearrange groupings they've picked or get step-by-step instructions on how to hang your choices. 


Herringbone by Kate Roebuck; Arboricola Study by Kiana Mosley; Sea and a Sailboat by Daniela Orlev; Black Arrows by Heather J Chontos; Blackberry by Jorey Hurley; Hermit's Road by Harry Stooshinoff; Beast Coast by Matthew Korbel-Bowers; Flowers by Tali Yalonetzki; Flowers on a Table by Daniela Orlev; Ruth by Tali Yalonetzki.


 Black Glitter Etching by Anna Ullman; Knuba, 2010 by Alex Kostinskyi; Untitled by Anna Ullman. 


Forever by Ashley Woodson Bailey; Equine no. 1 by Lisa Golightly; Owl by Karyn Lyons.

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