The Affirmation Boss Babe Hunter McGrady Repeats Daily

Hunter McGrady is the girl crush of 2019. With her third Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot, a cameo in Hulu’s Shrill, and a new fitness venture under her belt, she’s showing no signs of slowing down. And for this plus-size model, body confidence is a key factor in her success. That’s why we’re partnering with Bio-Oil® to share how Hunter does it all in style. Read on to find out how she’s changing the industry, how she’s learned to love her marks, and the positive affirmations she’s repeating these days.

Q: First of all, congratulations on your third consecutive year being in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. What does it mean to you to be leading the charge in media in the way you have?

A: Thank you. You know, it has been a wild ride. Essentially I put myself out there and I never know what I’m going to get. Sometimes it’s a lot of hate or sometimes it’s a lot of praise. Either way, I know what’s needed in media right now and that is diversity and inclusivity. I won’t stop fighting for that.

Q: You’ve teamed up with blogger Katie Sturino to launch BabeBody, an Instagram page dedicated to fitness at all sizes. What inspired the page, and what do you hope to achieve through your work on the venture?

A: Yes. We are always being asked for our go-to tips on working out and how to overcome the fear of going to classes. Because maybe you aren’t the best at it or you want to try something without feeling like all eyes are on you. So we created BabeBody as a safe space where women of all shapes and sizes can workout and really authentically support each other. We always lay out modifications and always encourage you to do exactly what you can, nothing more. We have sold out every class with wait lists and it has been incredible. We’re hoping we can take this into other states. We have received tons of asks for that.

I know what’s needed in media right now and that is diversity and inclusivity. I won’t stop fighting for that.

Q: Bio-Oil® is on a mission to help women #LoveYourMarks. What advice would you give to women who might have a hard time embracing the skin they’re in?
A: I got my first stretch mark when I was 16 years old and 114 pounds. It was because I shot up to 6 feet tall by high school. It doesn’t matter your size or height, almost everyone has stretch marks. I learned to love them because to me they signify growth and strength. One of the tools in my self-care arsenal that helps me to love my marks is Bio-Oil®. The skincare oil helps nourish and hydrate my skin, while the act of putting it on gives me a few minutes every day to reflect on the journey that me and my “marks” have been on.  It’s just not something media talks about and that’s why we’ve learned not to love them. It’s time to change that.

Q: Body positivity has taken huge strides these past few years, but it has a long way to go. What do you think needs to happen next for things like plus-size SI covers and starring roles to become even more mainstream and normalized?

A: I think it takes people like SI to continue the incredible conversation. They have done such a great job with it and I think a lot of brands could take a cue from them. We must get to a place where it’s not so shocking to see a plus size woman. It should be normal. I want to be able to walk down 5th ave in Manhattan and feel like I can relate to at least someone in the advertisements in store. A lot of people are afraid of change as well. It’s scary but it’s needed.

I learned to love my stretch marks because to me, they signify growth and strength. It’s just not something media talks about, and that’s why we have learned to not love them. It’s time to change that!

Q: You’re a fan of positive affirmations. What’s your go-to affirmation right now?

A: My go-to affirmation since I was 16 years old is “you are enough.” I will say this to myself about 20 times a day. We often forget that we are enough just as we are, where we are.

Q: What’s next for you?

A: I have some exciting stuff coming up in 2019/2020. A possible clothing line is in the air.

This post is sponsored by Bio-Oil.