Win A Home Office Makeover From Urban Outfitters Home!

Be honest-- how many empty drinks are on your desk right now? We'll go first. Five. It's shameful, we know and we're guessing you're in the same boat. Who isn't?

But a cluttered desk is a cluttered headspace-- even science says so.

We've been talking about getting your grid right for years. But how can you expect to have a tight IG game, if your work space is a mess. Or uninspiring?

The space around you matters. And new year means new desk space. 

If you have old useless paperwork lying around your table, or you just need to freshen up your desk with new supplies, we've got you. In partnership with Urban Outfitters Home we're gifting away $1,500 to one lucky winner who needs a desktop makeover. Or under. Your desk, your preference. We don’t know if you’ve seen Urban Outfitters UO Home assortment, but it’s our go-to for cute but affordable ways to freshen up your home and office space. 

Not only will cleaning up your physical desktop help you stay organized, but it will also give you a much needed sense of hommme. 

Want in? 

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