Meet Three Enterprising Women Who Make Their Own Hours

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Three women from three different cities with different backgrounds and dreams have all discovered a career they can control—where they’re in charge and defying the rules of today’s workplace.

How? Cabi. These three cabi Stylists turn homes into “alternative stores,” changing the way women shop for fashion—and the way they work.  But beyond providing a solution to the frustration of modern day shopping, and earning a meaningful income while doing so, cabi Stylists are all about lifting women up, inspiring them to look and feel great, and becoming their best selves. 

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Hannah Tomlin from Franklin Tennessee joined cabi as a Stylist in 2015. “I’d always dreamed of having a career in fashion,” Tomlin says, but admits, “Internally, I battled how to be part of this industry without getting engrossed in a culture that makes women feel like they aren’t enough.” That is, until she found cabi.

Katrin Brown, from Long Beach, CA has been a cabi Stylist for four years. Brown says, “As a young girl, I watched my mom build a sustainable business from home.” It was through that lens, as well as her mom’s mentorship and leadership, that Brown realized why building a cabi business was such a smart move for her future plans. She began her cabi career in 2014 and hasn’t looked back. She also has a full-time corporate career. Talk about hustle.

Archina Kumar, known to her friends and family as Cheena, also became a cabi Stylist in 2014. It was a decision the Northern Californian came to after pursuing multiple jobs and career paths that left her feeling unfulfilled. “I wasn’t passionate about my work, nor did I have the flexibility I needed.” For Cheena, cabi was a perfect solution. Given the flexibility to make her own hours, while also maintaining the ability to connect with people and transform women’s lives, Cheena found her passion.

Created as a way for women to live the life they’ve always wanted, cabi has changed the way women shop and work during the last 16 years. As more and more women grow frustrated and overwhelmed with the traditional shopping experience, cabi offers a solution that, amongst a digitally connected age, is grounded in human connection and relationship through independent Stylists who present the seasonal collections at home shows for groups of friends.  

As a company dedicated to helping women create & cultivate the career of their dreams, we wanted to hear more from the women creating their dream careers with cabi.

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Why was it important for you to take your career into your own hands?

Hannah Tomlin: After working 7+ years as a dental assistant (and countless other jobs), I realized the best I could hope for the future of my career was a small raise, if or when my boss would allow it. I also quickly realized I had a limit on my personal growth potential and I struggled to stay motivated. I felt like I was living to work without time for friendships, relationships, and the things that meant the most to me. When considering cabi, I thought, “Wow. This might be a really good opportunity for me to support myself.” I took the leap, and within a year and a half, I was able to quit my other jobs and just do cabi.

Katrin Brown: I remember I’d tell my friends my mom didn’t work because, in my eyes, she was always with me and my two siblings…whether she was cheering us on at our sporting events, helping out in our classrooms, chauffeuring us around from one activity to another, or getting dinner ready.

I came to learn that cabi provided her an opportunity to be a professional businesswoman doing something she loved with the flexibility to be a full-time mom. As I started my professional career, it was important for me to be part of a company that was more than just clocking in and out. I wanted to find a career that excited me, challenged me, and allowed me to do meaningful work. Most importantly, I wanted to maintain a work-life balance that allowed me to be fully present in my family, just like my mom. Cabi has given me the opportunity to do exactly this—and it’s fun!

Cheena Kumar: Before cabi, I held many different jobs, from a speech therapist on a Native American reservation to admin support and even a Zumba instructor. I was left in a challenging place where I needed a job and needed to connect with people since I was miles away from home. I also knew I needed the freedom and flexibility to pursue my passions that fulfill me, which is music ministry at my church. Cabi has given me all of this and provided the flexibility for me to do both.

Above: Katrin and her fave-- the Amour Dress.

In what ways does cabi allow you to redefine the rules of the workplace?

CK: As my own boss, I’m able to decide my hours, as well as the amount of time and effort I put into my business. More importantly, my work is meaningful and fulfilling—serving women and helping them feel confident in their own skin, letting their true beauty shine. For me, it’s not all about the clothing, it’s about the connection with each of my clients.  We really get to personally know our clients, and what works and doesn’t work for their lifestyles and bodies.   It’s not a relationship purely based on digital connection, it’s a personal relationship where I can become their go-to-fashion resource.

As a cabi Stylist, I have the privilege of working alongside incredible women who encourage, motivate, and inspire me. We’re always helping each other grow personally and sharing ways to grow our business. I’m so proud to be part of a company that’s transforming women’s lives through relationships.

KB: I’ve been able to completely redefine the traditional workplace through my cabi business because I get to manage it from home (sometimes in my pj’s!), call my own shots, set my own hours, and be my own boss! I have the freedom and flexibility to take my business with me wherever I go. That’s not the structure of a typical corporate job.  When I’m not managing my business from home, I’m enjoying ladies’ night out with incredible women of all backgrounds and giving them an opportunity to build their wardrobe without having to go to the mall or shop online.

Above: Hannah and her fave-- the High Slim Jean in white. 

HT: Cabi allows me to be my own boss, make my own schedule, and earn a substantial income with no ceiling, all while uplifting and serving women. I don’t know of another career or job that allows even two of those things at once! Starting a cabi business comes with all the rewards of being an entrepreneur without the risks and cost of starting a traditional retail business. We are making women look and feel good every day, helping them discover their personal style and building their confidence, which translates into every part of their daily life. You can see that change on the inside for women.

What’s been the most exciting part of working for yourself?

KB: The most exciting part of working for myself is knowing I’m investing in myself and there’s no cap on my earning potential. I work to live and don’t live to work. I feel fortunate to build this business over time alongside my full-time career and know effort over time will set me up for success as my family grows.


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CK: I love that I’m my own boss! I have the freedom to be true to who I am. I enjoy the flexibility of being in control of my work hours, time, and effort I put into the business, giving me time for other passions of mine. There is no one else putting pressure on me and that’s a beautiful thing.

HT: My cabi business has been so rewarding and amazing—better than I could have dreamed! I never thought I would be my own boss and now I know there is so much freedom in that. I’m able to make time for what is most important to me. I feel more confident and content saying “no” to things that are unnecessary so I can focus on the things that matter. It’s such a blessing to have the ability to be my own boss! I can work as much or as little as I want in a way that allows me to balance all of the other responsibilities in my life.

What makes the cabi entrepreneurial opportunity unique and different from other businesses?

CK: Together, we’re changing the way women shop and work. The cabi opportunity lets us turn homes into what we call “alternative stores” without the overhead of a storefront. And, there isn’t the risk of a traditional entrepreneurial business—cabi has my back every step of the way and I’m surrounded by a community of like-minded women who support me at every turn. I’ve always felt that cabi is so much more than just a clothing brand. It’s a community of women that empowers other women to look and feel confident inside and out. I haven’t found this anywhere else.

HT: The most unique thing about cabi is the way cabi Stylists are all independent, yet we are in this together. We often say “You’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself,” and that’s because I’m surrounded by nearly 3,500 cabi Stylists who are here to support me and a Home Office that gives me the tools and training to be successful in my own business. We each run our businesses in a way that fits our personal lifestyles and work toward our own personal goals, yet there is not an ounce of competition between Stylists. I can’t imagine attempting this business without the love and support of my cabi community. It makes my life and my business so much richer and helps me to be a better Stylist.

Above: Cheena and her fave-- the Franklin Blouse.

How has your cabi business brought you financial security?

CK: As a single woman, it’s great to know I’m substantially contributing to my savings and building my future. When the time comes to get married, I know I can contribute financially and that’s such an empowering feeling. I see unlimited financial growth opportunities in my cabi business and I feel great assurance that I’m in control of my financial plan. As I continue to build my team and expand my business, my income can become sufficient for my needs for many years to come. But beyond just financial security, I get to do this business in a supportive and collaborative community of strong entrepreneurial women. 

KB: I run my cabi business alongside my corporate career, which has brought me and my husband financial security in so many ways. Through my added cabi income, I was able to offset some of our wedding costs this past fall, I’m contributing to the down payment on our soon-to-be first home, and it helps fund the vacations we value so much!

How do you time manage when you don’t have a “boss” or “office?”

HT: It definitely takes discipline and organization. This is still a learning curve for me, but I’m always getting better and sharing ideas and tips with fellow cabi Stylists! In fact, we have regular calls with our teams so no one is ever left on their own; it’s our time to collaborate, get new ideas, and support one another. I try to keep a steady sleep schedule and routine to create the feel of getting up and going to the “office” and to maintain productivity.

KB: Cabi has given me the tools and training I need to be my own boss lady! I’m on top of my calendar to stay organized and manage my time. Setting “business hours” is key to making time for my husband and hobbies. My planner helps me prioritize my to-do list, achieve my goals, and stay focused on what’s most important.

And of course. We need to know. What’s your favorite fashion piece for this spring season and why?

KB: I’m loving the Heavy Petal trend and I adore florals in every variety—especially mixing florals and stripes. My favorite fashion piece is one-and-done dressing seen with the Amour Dress and the Simple Playsuit. I often tell my clients you can’t go wrong with dresses and playsuits all day, every day!

CK: I love the Franklin Blouse. The pop of red and the intricate detailing of the horizontal and vertical red, white, and blue pinstripes makes this such a flattering top for all shapes and sizes!

HT: Hands down, The High Slim jean in white. I LOVE white jeans because they make any outfit pop, and The High Slim has all of the best design elements: a higher rise (HELLO comfort in the waistline!), the perfect amount of destruction, and a stretchy yet gutsy fabric that’s comfortable and not sheer!

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