We Asked Six Women How Moms & Motherhood Have Changed Their Lives

How has your mom changed the course of your life? We partnered with Hallmark to host a Mother’s Day brunch with a few of our favorite women to talk about motherhood, words of wisdom, and how the women we love have impacted our lives. Below, hear from a few of our brunch guests on how their moms have changed the way they approach their careers and beyond.

“The greatest thing I’ve inherited from my mother is the ability to turn anything into a joke that we can laugh about later. I think it really serves us so well.”
- Melissa Vale

“My mom is a nurse who works all the time and doesn’t complain at all—whenever I have to work late nights, I think of my mom and how hard she’s worked for us.”
- Nita Mann

“One of the things I’m most grateful for in my mom is her kindness and her smile. She’s such a happy, delightful person to be around all the time.”
- Olivia Jeanette

“The best trait I inherited from my mom is the ability to make everyone in the room feel comfortable and not excluded.“
- Katie Sands

“Motherhood has taught me patience I never had before. My children have taught me to slow down and appreciate everything happening around me.”
- Sai De Silva

“My mom loves when I plan time together—actual quiet time with nobody else. Those are the best moments with her.”
- Cynthia Andrew

“The best thing I inherited from my mom is my kindness. I always loved how she treated other people and always wanted to inherit that as a mother.”
- Olivia Jeanette


What are you grateful to have inherited from the strong women in your life? Don’t forget Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Show mom your gratitude with a Hallmark card.

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