It's World Emoji Day! Our Chicago Speakers Share Their Favorites


It's World Emoji Day! TBH, we can't even believe that's a thing, but we're here for it. Think about it, we used emojis every single day in most of our conversations. If we're not texting each other emojis, then we're likely adding them to our Instagram captions or Tweeting them away. We can't even lie, they're the most entertaining thing that's ever happened to texting.

But emojis are everywhere, not just on our phones and in our conversations. There's now emoji merch, such as pillows, phone cases, socks, and as seen above, balloons. I mean...Kim Kardashian basically stole the show with her Kimoji app and now even has a range of emoji-inspired fragrance!

Have you ever thought of which emojis you use the most? Take a look through your frequently used tab the next time you're about to hit 'send' and you'll likely be surprised by what you see. In honor of our new favorite holiday (no shame in our game), we chatted with some of our Chicago speakers about their favorite emojis and which ones they tend to use the most. Take a look at their responses below, and see if you share any of the same faves. But we also want to know which emojis you use the most! Let us know in the comments below. 

Whitney Port

"My favorite is the chicken (πŸ₯) because I always say Sonny is a little chicken haha!" 

Marianna Hewitt

β€œMy favorite emoji is ✨ because it makes me feel like I'm glowing or my highlight is shining through on Instagram!”

Blake Von D

"My most frequently used emoji is 🀣. Lol !"